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What a gift of a day we have this morning. All that wind yesterday blew all the clouds away and left us with a shiny pink and lavender morning, a blue sky, frost on the ground and a chill in the air. There are no clouds, not one, and the sun is shining hard. It knows it has to make up for lost time. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on work and keep waking up after 3-5-10 minutes to shake myself and sternly admonish, "Stop staring out the window!"

Hole in my head

Me So Funny!
I made up this joke with the kids yesterday. We laughed ourselves silly. Warning, it's in Swenglish, which is, of course, the BEST language for telling jokes in.

How did the poop get around town?
On his Bajs-cykel! hahahahahahaa!*

I don't know art but I know what I like: The Ek Family
The grey thing is an armadillo. Don't ask me, I just report 'em: Martin's masterpiece
Thanks to ozswede for the link to ArtPad. Go play, it's great!

*Bajs is how Swedish children refer to poop. It's pronounced bice.
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Bajs-cykel. *snork*

*giggles madly* :D

I chortled (yes, a definite chortle), Anders was not amused. Some people wouldn't know funny if it hit them over the head with a foam bat.

We thought it was a pretty funny joke - but then you might find that scary as well.

Do you do the tooth fairy thing here in Sweden?

That artpad site is wonderful! Your efforts far exceed mine, but then I always sucked at art. It's a great family portrait. And Martin's armadillo is great, too. I think he'd love to play around with it, though it does require a steady hand

We didn't have much time for him to practice and play on it, as it was right before bedtime, but I expect he'll want to play more on that site, he really liked it.

As for my efforts exceeding yours...well, I WAS an art major in college for 3 years :) Drawing with a mouse is HARD, though, especially since I'm left-handed, but I mouse with my right hand.

And yes, we did do the tooth fairy thing...except the tooth gets left in a glass of water here, not under a pillow like we do in the States. But it magically turned into a shiny 10-kronor piece by morning! Hurray for tooth fairies!


Okay, Karin needs a lawyer to write a letter to the tight arse tooth fairy and get her a better deal. Now where would she find someone like that, I wonder?

Gee, it's only a week until our visit, too....

don't you be giving my kids any ideas! 10-kronor pieces are NICE AND SHINY! and they fit just right in a shotglass full of WATER. If it ain't broke, don't fix it :D

But not as pretty as this. Shall we see what Karin thinks?

I see I don't need to pay for gas after all :P

Your daughter does not take a bad photo! I woulda negotiated for more tooth fairy money though ;) The joke was cute- your kids are clever!

Not as clever as me! That was MY joke! hahaha! XD

Hey, at today's exchange rate, that's nearly $1.50, and therefore, plenty for a tooth. When it's Ingrid's turn she's getting a quarter. I mean, come on. The tooth fairy does not leave bills. Molars, maybe a fifty-cent piece.

Bajs-cykel, tee-hee, G will get a laugh out of that one.

THANK YOU for supporting my stingy suitably-priced tooth fairiness! :D

That is an adorable smile -- but now I can't get Spike Jones' All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth to stop playing in my head! *g*

(Hmm, I wonder if Mom's Swedish enough to get the joke. I'll have to try it on her... ;-))

Hee! :) I couldn't get it out of MY head yesterday either!


But why stop staring out the window???? It is a magical day!

swenglish is a great for jokes, i could tell a few but they are not even as clean as that one!
10 kronor for a tooth! has inflation gone up that much since i was a kid, we used to get a nickel or a dime! the swedish toothfairy is a very very generous lady!

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