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I am so damned productive it's not even funny. This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity, and crossing things off to-do lists. My mother-in-law is here today helping me clean the house (they're eating lunch while I write this). Yesterday I filled four big paper bags with clothes from my closet to take to the Swedish Salvation Army, and was very proud of myself because I managed to release several garments that I have been hanging on to for YEARS. Now I just have to get Anders to clean up and sort through HIS clothes and I'll feel quite smug about the state of our closet.

Yesterday it snowed white pellets which immediately stuck and coated the ground. The kids have been out reveling in it, despite the fact that there isn't enough to really do anything with, and it's very powdery, but it sure looks pretty in the sunshine today!

The bathroom is sparkling, the laundry is humming, the kid's department is completely picked up and clean, the dishes are washed and put away, the AWC website is done, the art collage packets are bundled and ready to mail, and the Christmas shopping is half done!

Yay! Go, me!

Happy Happy Birthday Wishes to dbrus!
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Send some of that productivity south, would ya?
Sunny today here, but the world is awash with white. yesterdays gray snowy day has turned the world into a christmas card. Cold too. damn cold.

-still anonymous.

Hey Mr. Anonymous! It was pretty gamn cold here, and at least our neighborhood is sparkly white :)

You been good today!
And when you write like that I almost feel like I should do something with this mess here. Yeah, you inspire me!
I think I will actually vaccum the floors today.

or tomorrow.

I could always ask my brother to do it...

Hee hee! By the time my brother gets here on Thursday, the dust bunnies will be gathering again...I think I'll make HIM vacuum too!

Hooray for Liz! You are like a crazy housekeeping tornado. I am especially impressed with the clothes - definitely something I need to work on in my own life! I hope you treat yourself to something wonderful for getting all this stuff done.

And guess what!? I took out ALL of Anders' shirts, sweaters and pants and put them in nicely folded piles on the bed...and he WENT THROUGH THEM AND SORTED THEM OUT! *boggle* Hurray!


I am so impressed! And inspired---- uh, for next weekend . . lol. This weekend? I must laze about and watch vids . . but next weekend? I shall follow your lead. ~bluepoppy

The only reason (well, not the only, but the biggest one) was because Anders is going to be gone all this week, and his mom offered to come help me clean, and we have 4 houseguests coming on Thurs/Fri and a huge dinner party for Thanksgiving on I really needed it!

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