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I have a brain full of post-it notes.

I've read psychology studies that say it's a woman thing, this multi-tasking we do on a mental level. I've trained myself to crumple the mental post-its up and throw them away whenever I write the item down on a real live physical list or cross something off my mental to-do list, but even then little brain gremlins are grabbing them from the floor, smoothing them out lovingly and filing them away so that if something happens to the REAL list, I can retrieve the post-it note from the archives.

At any given time, I can tell you what we're out of, what needs to be picked up, which errands are on the agenda for this week, what activities the children have planned, what needs to be done in preparation for upcoming events, whose birthdays are around the corner. All this on top of the unbelievable jumble that is the daily info we couldn't function without: phone numbers, pin codes, where the car keys are, how to get to work, our morning routines, the plot of the book we're reading a chapter at a time, etc. You get the picture.

Little brain gremlins never throw anything away.

Sometimes they misplace things, or they file them in the wrong place, but they're there.

I think that having Alzheimers must be like having your little brain gremlins go on strike. Not only do they walk off the job, but they leave the place a mess, papers strewn everywhere, post-its left wadded and crumpled on the floor. You can't pay them enough to come back and clean up or resume their duties, they refuse all negotiations. They're gone for good, and the wind whistles in the empty spaces.

It's not just the future we fear losing, it's the past.
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funny how the brain functions are divided by the sexes! :D


This was brilliant! I am going toalways have that image now of both mental post-its and the gremlins---- it is amazing how many details we can juggle. And I guess men juggle their own details-- baseball stats and whatnot, you know, the trivial stuff . . hahahahha ~bluepoppy

What a great analogy!

As usual Liz - you've found a perfect way to describe how it all works out. I'm a bit like you in that I can keep all of these "social balls" juggling at once and remember who, what, when and where details that seem to pass my husband by.

I guess some of it is the way we prioritise what is important for us to know. For me, that's family ties and bonds of friendship as well as keeping up with current affairs. It is natural for me and I have no trouble recalling things from a long time ago. I wonder if, as you say, it is a woman thing and then I wonder if we are wired differently or are we "trained" to be like this. Or some hybrid of the two, perhaps.

Great post, Ms Ek.

Thanks :) I wonder sometimes if my little brain gremlins are as tired as I am of keeping so much info straight!

That was excellent and very scary to think about, I don't want my gremlins to go on strike, I think they just might go on a slow down.

I love the way you image this. Gremlins! Post its! It must be fun to be in your brain and see things the way you do.
Your understanding of this female organizational capacity is astute. Your description of it is clever.
You're COOL, grrll!

hee! :) thanks! I don't think it's ALWAYS fun to be in my brain, but most of the time I'm pretty happy with it :)

Enjoyable read Liz.

I come from a long line of "list makers" this as you eloquently discribe,helps conjure up my post it's filed away.

beautiful writing, Liz. How very true, so much information filed away. I personally think the gremlins like to EAT my post it notes, or they're writing short stories.

I have a friend whose mother has recently been housed in an Alzheimer's care unit - and one of the last things she said was, 'I just want to be alone, by myself.' They couldn't do that anymore. Not only do you lose the past, you lose the present. It's a scary disease.

I've not had any personal experience with Alzheimers, thankfully, but just hearing about it secondhand from friends is enough. It is one of the scariest things to have happen, I think.

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