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I could never be a single parent. Well, I mean I could if I had to (and do on occasion), but I wouldn't be very good at it, and I would hate it. I hate it when Anders is gone for more than a day at a time. We have such a good division of labor where the kids are concerned that I get grumpy and unsettled when he's not here and I have to pick up the slack and do his part. Can you believe this week I have to do EVERYTHING? *insert pity party noises here*

I miss my man.

It's another gorgeous day today, the sun is shining bright, the sky is blue and streaked with jet trails. Only a slight breeze ruffles treetips. The sun came up this morning, blooming like a big flame-flower.

Today is a day for getting things done and rushing around. I have a plan, though, already thought-out. I packed a bag of stuff this morning for the kids to take with them tonight because they have to go to choir practice with me. The car is FULL of bags of clothing going to Myrorna.** I'm going at lunch to the mall to pick up a birthday present for a little boy that Martin doesn't even like but said yes to his party, and to replace the glass in a frame that was a casualty of the cleaning spree this weekend. When I leave work (work! I knew there was something I was forgetting to do!) I'm stopping to mail Martin's birthday party invitations, dropping off and picking up books at the library, picking up the kids, driving to Malmö, dropping off the clothing bags at Myrorna, stopping at the American store to buy stuffing and cranberry sauce*** and then taking the kids to McDonald's for dinner, before going to choir practice. How's that for a plan? Am I forgetting anything? ...besides work? Oh yes, collapsing muddy and exhausted. But wait, I can't do that, there's more! There's ALWAYS MORE. :D

Peaceful, Calm and Warm Birthday Wishes to gnostraeh!

Attention alcesalces! I found our Halloween costumes for next year! LOL!

*Geek alert! Guess what the subject line is from? :D
**the Swedish Salvation Army, literally the ants (don't ask me why it's called that)
***and probably Cheetos and 3 Musketeers bars because they always just jump in my bag when I'm not looking
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another month! you poor thing!

tack för hug :)

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