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  • that my addictions do not include reality television or computer games
  • that my children are healthy, intelligent and well-behaved in public
  • that my paycheck was really big this month relieving the usual Xmas-and-end-of-year-bills worries
  • that our house is so nice and so warm
  • that I'll have friends and family to eat turkey and stuffing with this weekend
  • that my husband is coming home tomorrow and wasn't in the area of the earthquake that hit northern Italy last night
  • that when I cleaned out my closet last weekend I didn't end up documenting the shame on the internet
  • that Sophie wasn't crushed by a car yesterday
  • that things, when they're bad, are rarely as bad as they seem
  • that despite being far, far away from my first family, there are email and telephones to keep us closely connected
  • that my soon to be sister-in-law is not asking me to sing The Battle Hymn of Love at their wedding next year
  • the online friendships I've made in the last year
  • the amount of times each day that my children make me laugh
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • strong fingernails and straight teeth
  • GB Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • a really good, productive, happy and fulfilled life, so far, despite the poodle hair
Happy Thanksgiving From Me To You!
mood: thankful
music: Train—All American Girl


Happy Thanksgiving to You! and your sweet family. What a great list you have of things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for you, for all the ways you encourage me, and for our friendship! You rock.

right back at'cha, dear! :D

Aww, thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes.

That IS a great list. Those are very nice things to be thankful for, and you're showing your grace and wisdom (so far as I am able to recognize such traits) with some of the better entries :)

grace and wisdom?? me!? :D thank you :)

Happy Thanksgiving. *smile* I am sure you will have a wonderful weekend!

That sweater page reminded me of something that I was laughing about earlier in the week. My best friend Tom always despaired of my lack of taste in clothes, but I never got over his. He bought a sweater once for almost $600 that was covered in little sewn on Guatamalen worry dolls. It was awful but he loved it and wore it often (sadly for me, he wore it on our weekly mall crawls *laugh*).

that sweater sounds awful! LOL :D Your friend must have had LOADS of self-confidence to go out in public in it, although I bet it was a great conversation-starter! :)

I'm thankful you're on my friends list! I always love your posts!

aww! thank you, that was really sweet :)

Have a wonderful weekend filled with laughter :)

Thankful to hear Anders will be home soon. Odd thing when my husband is away on road trips, I sleep on his side of the bed :)

Dear best friend!

that my paycheck was really big this month You know that you are my bestest friend in the whole wide world! I'd be happy to help you liberate some of these funds :)

Re: Dear best friend!


Lovely post :) It's nice to have a day to stop and be reminded to give thanks. I might do my own list even if we don't celebrate it down here :)

Thanks for including my darling Sophie on your thankful list! vember called her the LJ puppy and after reading all the good wishes for her (which I did read TO her as well), I believe she is.

She is, she is! I think she was on the "thankful for" lists of many folks whom you've never met face to face yesterday.

great list of blessings!
you are truly blessed

Dontcha just have to love Thanksgiving...the perfect holiday of pausing to realize how great it is to be in this world complimented with a ton of food, followed by the best night's sleep/diabetic coma.

I'm just thankful that despite my sporadic bouts of horrible homesickness, I am totally supported by loved ones both here and there. It's so wonderful to feel safe and nurtured.

And thankful of course, as luck would have it, that you choose to share these bits and pieces of YOUR good life with all of us.

We haven't done the eating/stuffing part yet, that comes on Saturday for us, but I'm SO looking forward to it! The homesickness bouts ease with time, I can at least tell you. And it helps SO much to be aware that you ARE surrounded by loved ones both here and there. :) Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is full of love! :)

great list.


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