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We are having so much fun! My brother and Simone are here and she not only brought sushi with her on Thursday but she and John made chicken casseroles yesterday for dinner. :) Unfortunately, one of them got overturned in a casserole catastrophe, but the other 2 were great. :) ozswede and tallefjant arrived last night, along with little Lambi and Bruce & Sheila (the birds) so we have a very lively household at the moment.

Thanksgiving dinner preparations are in full swing. The turkeys were done last night and the rest of the guests are arriving at 5 p.m. I can't wait! John took the whole crowd down to the stables to wander around and see the horses and the storks, so I jumped at the chance to post quickly on the computer.

We are working very hard on convincing John to get a LiveJournal, but I am not confident about our success at this point. :)

More later!

This totally cracked me up:
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I hope that everybody, including Bruce and Sheila, get enough to eat and have a great time!

Have a wonderful time...
hey, nice icon.

Hooray! Your Thanksgiving Day is finally here.

What? I am confused. How are there horses and storks in the same place? Is that very safe for the storks?

LOL! Yes, they get along quite well together. :) There is a Stork Project behind the (once-) royal stables that are in Flyinge. They breed and release them into the wild trying to repopulate Europe. They build huge nests on the tops of the stable buildings.

Glad you're having so much fun :) I'm dying with envy down here! :)

That is fricking hilarious!

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