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Muahahahaha! I did it! With ozswede's inestimable help, we bad-copped, good-copped my brother into starting an LJ! A great big welcome to johann_metzger! Woo hoo, Mom & Sarah, you're next! :D
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music: John taking a shower, Simone talking to the kids


I have wanted to add you foreverrrrrrrrr to my friends list but thought about how boring my LJ is, so I didn't. Well, today I'm feeling rather plucky.....Yes, I added you. :D


Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. I suppose I did too, my pants are tight. OOPS! Can you say piggy?! *Oink oink*

:D welcome! you're added back. :)


NEVER!!!!!!! and I am not visiting any time soon for you to twist my arm. Beeg Leetle Seester

aw come on! please please please pretty please?!! It won't hurt a bit, I promise! :D

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