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Whoa! Having houseguests and a huge dinner party makes it easy to miss posting on your journal! You would think that we took it pretty easy yesterday but you'd be wrong. Well, you'd be half wrong. Anders got the Advent lights put up and all the Christmas decorations down from the attic so that I can start decorating at my leisure.

Leisure! *snort* She said leisure!

While John and I went to drop Martin off at a birthday party (the boy he doesn't like, if you remember, whom he subsequently got into a fight with AT THE BIRTHDAY PARTY) and then to the store and then to the video rental bus stop, Simone very kindly baked 200 gazillion mini M&M cookies for me because she is totally awesome that way. I needed 90 for the AWC cookie exchange on Tuesday and another 40 for Martin's class Xmas party on Thursday. I DID start the first triple-batch of cookie dough, so don't think I didn't do ANYTHING, although I have to be fair and say that John mixed it. John doesn't think he gets enough mention on this journal, but now that he has his own LJ, I figure I'll be linking to him all the time for Great Writing Out There, so that ought to shut him up.

We also made the horrible mistake of renting The LadyKillers, thinking that since it starred Tom Hanks we couldn't go wrong. Hoo boy, what a mess of a movie. :( Despite Tom's dedicated and relentless scenery-chewing, this Ocean's-Eleven-crossed-with-OBrotherWhereArtThou-wannabe was a stinker from beginning to the bitter end. Our only consolation was that they all died. Except the old lady, and I was wishing desperately that she'd meet her maker by the end as well. Alas, no.

Thanksgiving dinner was great, despite a last-minute cancellation that left us scrambling for green bean casserole. We had all the usual yummies, including turkey cooked to utter perfection by Anders, 2 kinds of stuffing, the biggest bowl of mashed potatoes in the universe, good gravy*, totally-winged-it-green-bean-casserole, cranberry sauce, black olives (but not the good kind dammit), my mom's savoury sweet potato & cream dish (made by Katrina) and CORN PUDDING which was absolutely delicious. And then, to top off the moaning and groaning and pants-opening, we had 2 perfect pumpkin pies with whipped cream and my mom's viennese brownies (made by Simone with her mad kitchen skillz) and then the entire table expired of food-coma-ecstasy.

It was so nice to have ozswede and tallefjant down to stay as well. Karin and Martin are already wondering when we can go stay with Lambi again. :D We were glad to have given them the chance to try pumpkin pie! The entire Thanksgiving menu was pretty much new to tallefjant so I hope he really enjoyed it and wasn't just being polite. :)

Me So Funny!
John: *talking about something* ...because I'm an expert on it, of course
Liz: "spurt" being the operative term here
John: *busts into laughter* HAHAHAAHA! Spurt! that was hilarious!
Liz: *pleased and laughing* I know! I made that up just now!

Sadly, John failed in his attempt to get a video clip, while wearing her white-hand-of-Saruman-hat, of Karin saying "I smell man-flesh."

Looking Forward to: leftover turkey sandwiches all week (YUM!), getting 15 different kinds of Christmas cookies to bring home on Tuesday, 3 choir concerts on Sunday, a week off between Christmas and New Year's.

*Say it with me! GOOD GRAVY! :D

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