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After 6 weeks on the job, I just had a salary discussion with my boss and will be getting an additional small monthly raise, plus a mobile phone. My boss is very pleased with what I've accomplished so far, and I left the meeting with a good feeling. :)

I can feel the acceleration at work. It feels fast. And it feels good.

We had a super turnout last night at the AWC monthly meeting, due in large part to the annual Christmas cookie exchange. We had 16 participants, and each of us baked 6 cookies for EACH of the people who participated...a total of 90 cookies. Although, in my case, it was Simone who did the baking, for which I thank her immensely. I did at least package them and make tags and tie ribbons. :) And now I have 90 Christmas cookies, 6 each of all different kinds to use throughout the holiday season! *insert cookie monster noises here*

Tonight is choir practice, I hope the director is there, since without her it feels very disorganized and she's been busy the last 3 weeks with other commitments. We have 3 concerts coming up on Sunday, and then 5 more right in a row in the next 2 weeks.

We are putting up a little Christmas tree in the office today, everything smells like fresh pine. Yummmmmmm! Must remember to bring some ornaments from home as it's potluck-decorating around here.

Really Good Writing Out There Right Now! The Mosaic Minds Serenity Issue!

My Prescription For You is One Daily: Natural Highs (thanks to gnostraeh!)
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Thank you :) It's a lot of fun, that cookie exchange, but a lot of work too when you get so many participants! But you can freeze the cookies and they'll last ALL MONTH! (unless you have a houseful of cookie monsters, like me, in which case they'll last ALL WEEK!) hahahaha!

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