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Christmas letter—not done. Christmas cards—not started. Christmas baking—pawned off partially on SiL. Christmas shopping—half done. Holiday calendar—completely packed.

When you don't have anything to write about and too much else to do, POST PICTURES!

Pine Cone Ears

Wreath Queens
Liz & Simone: Wreath Queens

Lambi Ignores the Photographer
Lambi, ozswede, lizardek & tallefjant Strike a Pose...of Sorts

Kid's Table
Kid's Table: Karin, Martin and johann_metzger

Still Life with Lambi
Still Life With Lambi

Simone and Whats-His-Name
Him: *thinking* What shall I write in my LJ tonight?
Her: *thinking* Great! Another computer addiction in the making! I'm going to kill Liz!

Thanksgiving 2004
Thanksgiving in Flyinge, 2004
front: Emily, Katrina, Adam, Natalie, Selese, Karin, Simone, Martin, John
back: Anders, Marie, Lambi, Lars-Göran, Paul, Ryan, Martin, Liz
mood: stressed
music: Kinks—Don't Forget to Dance

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I'm sorry, but you just shouldn't have given Lambi that last glass of wine, at least from the look on her face.

Oh Lambi is such a cutie! And that's coming from a crazy cat lady hehe.

Did you make those wreaths yourself? They are lovely! I would like to make something like that myself as well some day.

We did make those wreaths ourselves! In fact, that was my second one of the evening, and the first one was even cooler, it has little succulent plants in it. :) It was the annual AWC wreathmaking workshop. We have it every year on Thanksgiving (because it's not a holiday here in Sweden).

Great pictures! I love that Lambi gets equal billing.;-)

My kids are already bugging me to tell them when we can go "stay with Lambi" again. :) Bet ozswede didn't know she was signing up for frequent houseguests when she agreed to let us come stay with her the first time last May! :D

What happy pictures! They're putting me back into holiday mode.
Do you really start your Christmas baking now? The only thing I've ever made this early in the month are bourbon balls, so they'll have time to ferment and thus kick potential truffle nibblers in the ass.

Holiday baking? Did I say holiday baking?? :P Well, I had to make cookies for the AWC Xmas cookie exchange, and Simone made a gazillion because we needed them for Martin's school Xmas party as well. Last year because my mom was here, we made sugar cookies and our favorite family creme-filled cookies, but I don't know that I'm motivated enough to do it on my own! Martin keeps asking though...!! looks like you guys had such a great time!! :)

Honestly - your kids could NOT be any cute! You're pretty cute too in those ears!

LOL! Yeah, right! Karin with her mouth full of turkey, Martin with the "GOD I'M BORED" face, grimaces on the sofa! :D

I've decided to wear the pinecone ears daily. They're so ME! :D

The ears suit you! haha You look like a teddy bear or something. hehehe
Simone is way too attractive! It's just not fair to average Janes like me. hahaha
Love, love, love the pictures.

Simone is gorgeous! And nice! And she COOKS! And bakes! And plays with my kids! And crafts! And she's a physical therapist so she knows how to give massages too. :)

And me, I'm a big pinecone-eared DORK! :P

I love the pinecone ears! I want some. Thanks for the peek into your life and your Thanksgiving.

Hej from Geena

What a lovely happy looking crowd you had there!

Add me to your friends list - this is going to be my new journal home as soom as I can get some stuff set up. Another convert to LJ by Liz....MWU HA HA HA HA HAaaaaaaaaaaa (I heard you laugh).

Re: Hej from Geena

Yeeha! You're already on my friends list!! At least if you keep the geenaoutloud username. :) woot!

That's the cutest picture of you! :) Awww... I wish I could have a lovely big Thanksgiving get-together. Hmmm... maybe I should plan something ;)

I'm a big pinecone-eared dork! :D

I was so hoping we'd get photos, thanks so much! What an amazing get together, you are such a generous host and it looks like you all had a wonderful time :)


Please send me the photo of John & Simone so I canget a good copy! Thanks! Loved seeing all the photos. Did Simone carry her wreath back to Germany? Love, Lizardmom

I will! I was starting to send out photos last night and got side-tracked. Yes, she hand-carried the wreath :)

Cute pictures- looked like y'all had fun!

what great pictures! I love the pine cone ears, and of course your children are adorable, even when making 'I don't wanna take any more pictures!' faces.

(And to comment from yesterday, congrats on the raise! And the phone! I'm so happy for you.)

thanks sweetie! :)

Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing them! LL loved Lambi and your pinecone ears. He also thinks that icon with Karin is funny. *laugh*

:) thanks!

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