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  • babysitter (started at age 12)
  • camp counselor
  • daycare aide
  • dorm snackshop cook & cashier, also advertising materials
  • dorm maintenance & paint crew
  • university laundry (worst job EVER)
  • bagel deli counter & cashier
  • bookstore clerk & cashier
  • advertising agency account coordinator
  • freelance writing and design (ongoing)
  • marketing coordinator for a bank
  • amnesty international boutique clerk & cashier (praktik)
  • marketing communications coordinator for a telecommunications giant
  • marketing coordinator for an OEM
Christmas decorations are up! At least all the ones that don't hang from a pine tree branch. All the PartyLite stuff arrived this week and I just opened the boxes and took all the pretty, pretty packages out and covered the table with them. Strangely enough, nearly half of the boxes seems to belong to ME. How could that be? I have no control. My house smells yummy, all cinnamony and christmassy. Unpacking the Christmas boxes means we now have all the Christmas movies out where we can watch them. Rudolph! Santa Claus is Coming to Town! A Christmas Story! Alas, no Frosty, though. Tomorrow we're going to the Flyinge Christmas market which is down at the stable and I hope to remember to take the camera with me. Could someone call and remind me, please? I always forget the damn thing.

Oooh, Girly! Decorate your very own online dollhouse!

Eye Candy and Niftyness: Low Life

Really Good Writing Out There Right Now: A Pain in the Word
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music: Bruce Cockburn—The Rose Above The Sky


"Cashier" is one of those words that always looks like it's spelled wrong or something. Every time I write it, I have to take a couple of looks before I realise that yes, I had in fact got it right the first time.

I do that with chauffeur, but luckily, I've never had that as a job. :)

Don't speak so quickly, my dear. You have children. Until such time as they leave the nest, YOU are THEIR chauffeur. :>

hrm. yes, well, I'm already doing that I guess, but I sure ain't seen a paycheck yet.

Maybe it's time to ask for a review of your contract and job description? :>

What?! No waitressing?

Never! muahahaha! And no fast food either! Yay me!

You know, waitressing wasn't so bad - if you were at the right place - I could make a weeks worth of wages in two shifts and live and pay my way through college.

And I still have nightmares about it... but ... the money's good.

Wow multi talented :)

Fun dolls house! There goes my weekend....


Oh, I'd love to see Rudolph right now. Thinking about you watching hours of claymation makes me happy. Last year I bought the DVD of Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas, my personal fave.

I'm not sure whether to thank you for the dollhouse link or not. One more website to be addicted to.


I know! I was up rather late last night playing on that site :D

On a sad note, Rudolph seems to be stuck in the video player. :O

Not that this has anything to do with your entry but you have the sweetest face. I looked at the icon of you here and SMILED (and on a day like today, that's saying a lot). I bet your laughter and positive nature is contagious. :D

Just thought I'd say.

*blushing* :) thank you, that was really kind of you. Hope your day improves!

Oooh! I really like Jann Arden's writing as well. (She has two books out, by the way.) She's so funny too! She was just on television the other day being interviewed and she had me in stitches. Have you listened to any of her albums? She's one of my absolutely favourite singers. Great voice! Oh, and she's Canadian ... woot!

I just heard about her, I had never heard of her before and someone (can't remember who) recommended her music and linked to her journal. I haven't yet heard any of her music.

Hey! I got through to comments!

Give my love to the storks :) Isn't it great to get all of the Christmas decorations up? I feel so much more cheerful when they are around. All I need to complete the scene is a great Duka Christmas Moose.

:) All the storks were out today, in fine feather :)

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