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  • babysitter (started at age 12)
  • camp counselor
  • daycare aide
  • dorm snackshop cook & cashier, also advertising materials
  • dorm maintenance & paint crew
  • university laundry (worst job EVER)
  • bagel deli counter & cashier
  • bookstore clerk & cashier
  • advertising agency account coordinator
  • freelance writing and design (ongoing)
  • marketing coordinator for a bank
  • amnesty international boutique clerk & cashier (praktik)
  • marketing communications coordinator for a telecommunications giant
  • marketing coordinator for an OEM
Christmas decorations are up! At least all the ones that don't hang from a pine tree branch. All the PartyLite stuff arrived this week and I just opened the boxes and took all the pretty, pretty packages out and covered the table with them. Strangely enough, nearly half of the boxes seems to belong to ME. How could that be? I have no control. My house smells yummy, all cinnamony and christmassy. Unpacking the Christmas boxes means we now have all the Christmas movies out where we can watch them. Rudolph! Santa Claus is Coming to Town! A Christmas Story! Alas, no Frosty, though. Tomorrow we're going to the Flyinge Christmas market which is down at the stable and I hope to remember to take the camera with me. Could someone call and remind me, please? I always forget the damn thing.

Oooh, Girly! Decorate your very own online dollhouse!

Eye Candy and Niftyness: Low Life

Really Good Writing Out There Right Now: A Pain in the Word
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