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I'm really pleased with my work today! The last couple of weeks have been going really well with fun and interesting projects and positive feedback from my boss, my colleagues and my "customers." I've done 3 advertisement layouts and am working on a flyer today. It's nice to feel that I made the right choice!

The sun can't seem to make up its mind. It's very wishy-washy. If it was running for President, the media would be all over the flip-flopping. The clouds are flying by and the wind is relentless and pushy. A high white sky with a hint of blue here and there. The sun peeks out, retreats. The cloud-flock is being driven by the wind shepherds, out to the far sky pastures.

Yesterday's bathtime was filled with hilarity as the bathroom was echoing with rude noises. A few weeks ago Anders began teaching Karin how to make farting noises with her armpit and I spent half an hour weeping tears of laughter away watching and listening to them. Karin figured it out last night and commenced a fart-filled chorus that had us in stitches. Every time she managed to squeak out a noise with her hand over her armpit her eyes just lit up with an evil little twinkle and she let out a contagious giggling hoot of laughter. I wish I could share the movie clip with you but it was 14.5 MB. Since it was Martin's birthday I told him he could get into the tub in his birthday suit, for which, after explanations, I received the hairy eyeball FROM MY SON! Hee!

I've managed to get my Christmas newsletter written and printed, and put together a page of family photos to include with it. Man, my kids are cute! :D


Summer 2004
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That is so funny about the farting armpit! hahaha I LOVE the first picture. Karin always seems to pull off looking sweet but a bit mischevious at the same time. :)


(You should the unbelievably sad and geeky picture of my son and Santa I just got back from our staff party. He has his mouth open, and I'm pretty sure he is making fun of the photographer in it. Perhaps he's just saying how this Sants isn't quite as nice as the one he saw a few hours before.)

Very cute indeed, so cute to see.

I liked the whole post, lots of fun to read. Of course, you had me at quoting Lewis Carroll.


That's just how cute they are! :)

So Cute!

First of all, kids don't come any cuter than yours!!! Oh, and I love the fact that they look like they get along WELL.

Second of all, I WANT A CANDY NECKLACE!!! Not to eat. I just have fond memories connected to them. HMMM? Maybe I shall go buy myself one. HEHEHE!!!

Thirdly, your kids and my kids would sooooooooo get along. They would be bursting forth with sounds of farts or fart noises. I love it!!!! *LOL*

Fourthly, yay for a job well done!!! I love advertisement/advertising. Unfortunately, my degree is in fine art (photography), thus I am not qualified...bummer.


My degree was in English, and I'm doing it! Fine Art is even MORE qualified in some ways :)

Arm Pit Farts : )

I join you in your tears of laughter. Your children are so adorable.

Here’s a picture of our two, captured last year.
Christmas 2003

you have some damn fine looking youngin's! my brothers and i used to spend hours making those armpit fart noises! ah, the fun of childhood!

So how much did you pay Karin to hug Martin?

They look great together - very photogenic, but not quite as cute as Lambi :)

I'm so pleased that you are feeling happy and challenged in your work. It's been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride for you this year with work, so it's great to see you are being appreciated and extended.

It's a huge relief at work, actually, as you are right, it has been quite the rollercoaster. And NO ONE is as cute as Lambi :D

What is it about fathers that gets them going, teaching kids all the bad stuff?!

I kept giving Anders the hairy eyeball to make him stop, but I couldn't stop laughing myself! :P

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It's good to hear that you are satisfied and happy at work. I'm glad it's working well for you there, that you made the right choice.

And those kids. Cute!


they are indeed the cutest! They have such bright, lively eyes, sparkling with mischief and merriment... just like their mom! And I have to confess, I just want to gnaw on their little apple cheeks. Something tells me they might object to that, however. Oh, and bountiful Birthday Wishes to young Master Martin! Always a pleasure to know a fellow Sagittarian!!! xoxoxo Wee

You should have seen their feet when they were babies if you think their cheeks look edible! :D

A matched set of adorableness. ;-)

It's amazing how strongly they resemble each other, even beyond the normal (expected) family resemblance. They almost look like fraternal twins. (Except, of course, for the age difference.)

They have really small differences like their earlobes, but yes, we think it's amazing, too, how alike they look, especially when Martin really looks like me and my father's side) and Karin tends a bit more towards Anders when you see them in person. And since Martin is a bit on the short side, they are nearly the same height as well. :)


I see KArin is ACTUALLY wearing a necklace!!! Any chance she is finally about ready for the beautiful girlie REAL necklace I bought for her 1 1/2 years ago???? I sure hope she will finally arrive at such an acceptance.....or will it have to turn into candy!! Maybe I could just convince her that it is really just called an "eye candy necklace" Love, Lizardmom

She only wears the ones she can eat, or the ones that have attachments for keys and whistles. :)

Cute? They are gorgeous!! Can't you give us a smidgen of the video??

I don't know how to edit or clip out from a .mov file! If anyone does, I'd be glad to get help so I can post it, it's really hilarious!

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