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Whoa, another "free" evening at home! I've come to treasure these weekday evenings when I have no plans to go anywhere. It's not that I have less to do, but it's an opportunity to plough (plow?*) through some of the items on my to-do list that can only be done at home, plus kid time, husband time, cleaning up, sitting at the computer for short stretches. It feels good to spend time like this.

This evening my to-do list consist of the following:
  • use up leftovers for dinner, pitch the rest
  • address and stuff Christmas cards
  • install new software
  • copy new software CDs (5)
  • wrap Xmas present for spykitten and prepare for mailing
  • design layout for choir concert program
  • make list of Lucia paraphernalia needed for Monday
  • remind Martin to do his homework and start his Thank You cards
  • give the kids a bath
  • remind Anders to get the rest of the boxes up to the attic
  • ask remind Anders to hang the candleholder in the bathroom
  • do party planning for Martin's party on Sunday
If I don't get it all done, that's okay, because guess what? I have a free evening tomorrow, too! :D

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Super-charged, Sparkling, Firecrackerly Birthday Wishes to lady_chai!

*Why are there 2 spellings of this word in my head? And why can't I decide which one is correct? ...okay, Webster's says plough is a variant. My brain hurts now.
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