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Whoa, another "free" evening at home! I've come to treasure these weekday evenings when I have no plans to go anywhere. It's not that I have less to do, but it's an opportunity to plough (plow?*) through some of the items on my to-do list that can only be done at home, plus kid time, husband time, cleaning up, sitting at the computer for short stretches. It feels good to spend time like this.

This evening my to-do list consist of the following:
  • use up leftovers for dinner, pitch the rest
  • address and stuff Christmas cards
  • install new software
  • copy new software CDs (5)
  • wrap Xmas present for spykitten and prepare for mailing
  • design layout for choir concert program
  • make list of Lucia paraphernalia needed for Monday
  • remind Martin to do his homework and start his Thank You cards
  • give the kids a bath
  • remind Anders to get the rest of the boxes up to the attic
  • ask remind Anders to hang the candleholder in the bathroom
  • do party planning for Martin's party on Sunday
If I don't get it all done, that's okay, because guess what? I have a free evening tomorrow, too! :D

An Expat Friend Answers the Question Well: Why Sweden?

Super-charged, Sparkling, Firecrackerly Birthday Wishes to lady_chai!

*Why are there 2 spellings of this word in my head? And why can't I decide which one is correct? ...okay, Webster's says plough is a variant. My brain hurts now.
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wow! busy evening!

i love those types of evenings too.

are the boxes bychance from the holiday decorations? we've got a stack in the livingroom at the moment, lol.

LOL! How did you guess! :) Although there are some other boxes as well.

Damn! Our empty holiday decoration boxes are still sitting in the living room, even though we finished with them on Saturday. :-(

Well, I still have 2 huge boxes of tree ornaments that aren't even opened yet since we're not getting the tree until Saturday and it won't get put up until Sunday at the earliest so you still have time to beat me! :D


Geez Louise!! That's what you do on an evening "off"??!!! I am, as always, in awe. *supplicating* ~bluepoppy

P.S. Could you bottle some of that 'charge ahead' energy and sprinkle me with it?

:D I DID say it doesn't all get done!

oh my, you are one productive lady. any chance you can come over and do some of my to do list, which still includes calling you about awc! argh!

:) I didn't get it all done, but never fear! It WILL get done!...eventually. :D

technical question: how do you cross out things on your list? hehe

I mean, the line through it as in your above post... what's the trick?

Put "strike" inside <> tags and then put a closing tag with a / in front. (no quotes)

Did I ask you this before? [senior moment]
When I went to my cheat sheet to paste your directions, I found I already had them!
Anyhow, Thank you.

LOL! I don't think so... maybe... I can't remember. Where are my glasses?

Even whilest busy, you had time to wish me a happy birthday. Thank YOU!!! You totally helped make my day a little brighter.


Of course I did! Hope it was a good one! :)

cute icon
hope you had a good birthday

Thank you, I did have a nice birthday. After all, what's better than having one more year under my belt? Not everyone is so lucky. I see aging as a privilege, one my grandmother didn't have. She was around my age when she died. So, yes. I had a great birthday, in that respect!!! Thanks for asking. :D

I heart my icon too! HEHEHEH!!!!

And I heart your heart icon as well! :-P

I got mine from ms lizard :-)

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