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zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is the sound of my head spinning around with the busyness.* The house is cleaned, the christmas cards are written, stuffed, sealed, stamped and ready to mail, the concert program is designed and sent to print, the christmas tree has been chopped down and borne triumphantly home, the groceries are purchased, and Anders is making dinner.

We bought a big tree for the living room, and a little one for the playroom (*evil grin,* thanks whoever made that suggestion!) and all the milliions and millions of kindergarten and pre-school ornaments that the kids are producing.

The in-laws just arrived for dinner, so must go. No more computer time for me this weekend, WAAAH!

Don't forget to comment with your name/address if you want a Christmas card!

How COOL is This?? Sushi Pillows! (thanks for the link, galestorm)

Great Place to Listen Before Buying to Music From Off the Beaten Path: CDBaby (thanks for the link, lizardmom!)

*I spelled it 'business' first and had to look at it for an embarrassingly long time wondering why it didn't look right.
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music: Vestals—Before the Color Dries


I love the Sushi pilla'!!!


I don't know how to properly post links, but go here and see the COOLEST sushi EVER. I made these one time and they really do turn out just like in the picture. Tasted pretty darn good too.

Re: Sushi

Okay, those are totally wild! WOW


Hi- glad you liked the cdbaby link- got the info from the local happenin's and music newspaper guy!!! Love, Lizardmom

Bwahaahha!! Those pillows are fantastic!!!

once again, you are too much activity for me! I'm going to back to bed, reading all you have accomplished. :)

You don't want to hear about today, then, I take it, as it takes the cake for busy days. :)

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