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Tops on the List of Things I REALLY Didn't Need to Deal With Right Now:

Finding out that the bottle of blackstrap molasses which resides on the top wire basket shelf of the pantry has fallen over and dripped molasses down through THREE wire baskets full of food, ending in a HUGE thick puddle in which several cans and bottles are completely stuck fast.
mood: aggravated
music: Five For Fighting—100 Years

One thing worse

I had some potatoes in the top basket. Unbeknownst to me, the ekky smell I kept noticing but couldn't find was one of the potatoes going rotton up there. Drip drip drip rotten potato juice down through everything for WAY longer than I want to admit.

Re: One thing worse

OH GROSS!! Pee-u! (realizing I don't know how to spell that...peeyu? phew?) You're right, that is pretty bad, at least molasses doesn't smell like anything!

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