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Driving through the fields in a veil of mist, white whiskers streaming through and around the trees, droplets on every leaf and surface. Just as I reach the field, the sun burns the mist away and emerges in all its glory, reflected by hundreds of adoring copycats, peeping from under the green leaves. Pumpkin suns dot the ground, coyly covered in a blanket of green and yellow blossoms and to the right a waving field of broadly green, tall, tasselled corn.

I bought two lagom big pumpkins for Halloween jack-o-lanterns and a handful of yellow squash, winter squash and zucchini. I'm hosting Social Circle on Thursday and they ought to come in very handy for a delicious soup that involves zucchini, creme fraiche and sundried tomatoes. All together now: yuuuummm! :)

Met new people and old friends, and newer friends that I REALLY like, we had a great turn-out and the club's not so bad after all. haha! Then a picnic at Myra's with her famous pumpkin bread (word for the day, obviously, is YUM) passed around afterwards.

The sun is shining and I'm going to do some cleaning. Anders is working on the stones. If it's this nice tomorrow, I may have to call in sunstruck and take the day off to lay on the porch with a tall cool iced glass of lemonade and a book.

Oh, and I voted. There was an commercial on the car radio today with Anna Lindh giving her reasons why we should all vote yes for the Euro. It was sad and a little strange to hear her voice, considering.


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