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If you were two little boxes of Christmas tree ornament wire hooks, WHERE THE HELL WOULD YOU BE?

*rips hair out*

Dancing Birthday Wonder Wishes to cap_killer!
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In the big box of Christmas decorations on the bottom shelf in the utility room... or in the closet where the other Christmas decorations are. But, that probably does't help you very much since they are in Dalsland, not Skåne. Sorry that I can't do much but be a smarta$$.

Permanently dislocated. Didn't you know that it's like a LAW that you have to buy new ornament hooks every year?

I should add that it's not actually *permanently* dislocated like I just said. As soon as you buy more, you'll find them.

Classic Murphy's law: You find the box of hooks right after you buy a new box to replace the "lost" set.

In Andrew's bedroom, hidden behind some toys!!! :-o

"In the EZ-Bake oven on the screened porch." Oh wait, that's where the scotch tape was. This is a famous response in our family. One of us kids came running in to ask my mom where the tape was and without missing a beat she reported its whereabouts, stunning my aunt because a)she knew where it was, and b)she left it there!

Christmas ornament hooks. Mine had fallen out of their little box and were all scattered around loose at the bottom of the box. Sometimes wrapped up in the tissue paper with the breakable ones.

Ask the kids.

Hanging in your nearest store which would have some such useful things. :) Might just be easier to just buy some new ones. :) *hughug*

I would be in the kitchen drawer with the candle stubs and mismatched tupperwear lids.

under a corner of the tree skirt so that i wouldn't be found till after the tree is completely taken down.


Kitchen cabinet. 3rd drawer down. The drawer which, in every single home I've ever lived in, is designated the "junk drawer." I'll bet you'll find them there.

Don´t you just hate when you´ve put something away in a ´safe place´only to discover that you can´t find it anywhere...arghh

In the box that got hurriedly thrown together late last season with the leftovers and is gawd knows where, weeks after the very organized boxed was labeled and on the shelf.

DING DING DING! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!! :D

Harhar!! this is how it usually happens at my house.

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