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I'm a hunchback today. 2 nights ago I strained a muscle or pinched a nerve or just plain slept wrong and got a crick in my neck that is steadily getting worse and causing a LOT of pain. I can't turn my head easily to either side, and it hurts to do the simplest actions. It hurts to blow my nose, and type, and drive. I brought my heating bag-o-beans with me to work, and am currently sitting with it under my blouse, draped over my shoulder. Advil hasn't helped and so far, the heating isn't doing too much either. :( I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to cancel driving to Malmö for julbord tonight.

I would schedule a massage but I suspect it would hurt way too much at this point. I'm going to go to the pharmacy after work and pick up some salve that Anders told me about, a muscle relaxant of some sort that is supposed to help with pain like this.

Work is making me happy.
Christmas is making me stressed.
The crick is making me hurt.

What kind of stupid word is 'crick' ? Well, I'll tell ya, because when I was growing up, and you wanted to know something about a word you went and looked it up in the dictionary, and if you asked Mom or Dad instead they would just say "go look it up" so you had no choice if you wanted to know. 'crick' comes from the Middle English 'cryk' which spelling I like better and think I'll use from now on, as 'crick' sounds like something my southern friends would call a CREEK, and it means, and they are SO SO VERY RIGHT: a painful spasmodic condition of muscles (as of the neck or back).

And I find it interesting that 'Quasimodo' and 'spasmodic' have so many letters in common. I wonder if he twitched much.

Really Good Writing Out There Right Now With Bonus Heart-Warming Action! Coming Soon! Geena på Svenska

Edited to Add
I don't seem to be able to comment on several blogs from work (Chuck, Amylou, ...) I don't know what's causing it, but just wanted to let you know that might be why I'm not commenting as frequently. I've TRIED, I swear. :(
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Oh poor you :( It's so annoying ... hope it gets better soon ... massage as soon as you can ...


Oooh! I know EXACTLY what you mean. I get that same crick in my neck from time to time and absolutely *nothing* helps except sticking it out for two or three days until it goes away on its own. Poor you!
I really enjoy your journal. Take care!
Christina in Germany

Re: Quasimodo

Thank you :) I hope it goes away on its own!!

Get thyself to a chiropractor. I can assure you that if you do you'll have instant relief and by tomorrow even the niggling pain from having held yourself different all day will be gone. Don't suffer, go get help.

Oh, poor you. Ouch. I hope you get some kind of deep relief soon.

Yipe. Hope you get to feeling better soon, and that the salve works.

Ouch, there´s nothing worse. I had this a couple of yrs ago and had to get a prescription from the doctor to ease the pain.

I hate it when that happens! I sometimes get a crick like that, but it usually works itself out. Your's sounds way worse than mine!

Thanks for the link to Amylou's blog. I am already addicted after just reading it for ten minutes. Or maybe it was a half hour.

Dude, I hear you. Last night I hurt something in my back getting off the couch. Getting off the couch! It's not as bad as the time I hurt my back before a wedding 2 years ago and had to suffer in wooden pews and strange furniture at a rehearsal dinner, but still - PAIN.

Right up my alley

Ah, now THIS is something I know about. First, obey the chiropractor advice. Even when it still really hurts, the chiro can take you a long ways down the path of pain-freedom. Second, alternate ice and heat. I know, the ice part sounds weird, but this is YEARS of experience talking here. Third, chow down on whatever painkillers you can get. JF refuses to go with big gun drugs, so he uses ibprophen. I'm partial to Tylenol 3 or hydrocodone, taken at night because it makes me WAY sleepy.

Finally, face this: Christmas isn't stressing you out. YOU are stressing yourself out over Christmas, a state you need to own, face, look at and make plans to change. Or, forget changing, but at least stand squarely in front of the reality that Christmas--and Thanksgiving, and summer tranatlantic trips, and being fired from a job, and having a rocky time with the ol' hubby or kids-- are not to blame for our stress. WE are. We take this stuff on and decide it's stressful. We could decide NOT to stress, to only get done what is comfortable and joyful, to let go of obligations, requirements, duties and shoulds-and-oughts.

As a chronic cryker, I raise my hand as guilty to all that I have said, including blaming outside myself when, hey, it's all there in my l'il ol' lap.

Re: Right up my alley

Except for the fact that I know exactly what is causing this, and it ISN'T stress, it's a shitty work environment with a desk too high, a chair too high, a computer screen too flicky, and the way I sit, aggravating by sleeping wrong one night. Stress schmess. :) I'm going to the doctor today for some good pain pills because the Advil? Isn't doing shit.

Re: Right up my alley

That's the spirit! Only DO think about the chiropractor. You're too young to suffer for years until you discover how well he fixes you.

You poor sick chick! Hope it is only a temporary thing - you really don't need another stress during Christmas week.

Get well soon!

thanks, Marie! I can't believe how much something like this hurts! I had a horrid night last night, and called the healthcare hotline this morning to get an appointment...going this afternoon.

I wonder if this is something going around. When we went to Evy's place for L-G's birthday last week, she had a crick in the neck that she'd had for a couple of days. Alvedon had done nothing to help and I was reluctant to give her Ipren because she already takes a cocktail of drugs for various things and I was worried about interaction between them. In the end, I spoke vwith a sjukgymnast and she suggested a neck brace (those soft collars) and after 4 days of pain, not sleeping and analgesics doing nothing, the collar really seemed to have helped - the idea being that you rest the neck muscles and allow them to heal.

At the time, I just thought it was another of those aches and pains that you get at 77 years old. But I've now heard of several people with this over the last week or so, so maybe the cause is viral.

Whatever it is - hope the doctor can offer some relief.

Got some drugs, but the first one that she gave me that is a painkiller has done NOTHING. I'm thinking of taking another one to see if 2 will do it. I have a different one with a red triangle that I can't take until after I'm home as it will make me loopy :) woo hoo

Your Cryck

I join the chorus saying "Get thee to a Chiropractor!" I had back pain for YEARS after a bad car accident; finally took that good advice and got pain free. Are you still sitting there reading? MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW!

Re: Your Cryck

I did, I did! I'm going at 1:10 today to the doctor, who will then refer me further! Last night was AWFUL!!! :(

I like cryk too. I an also going to use it - but I am going to make it crykliz in honour of you.

Hmmmm...I feel another chapter coming on...

ooooow! make the pain go away! i am sorry indeed and do hope you get feeling better!


Thanks for the link! Hope your back is feeling better.


Hope the pinched nerve worked itself out and that Julbord was yummy. I thought of you as I passed, on my way home from Swedish class.

I thought of you, too! In fact, I was kinda bummed you weren't there!

I had wanted to sign up, but this week's class was moved from Monday to Thursday, so that nixed that idea!

So, still planning on going to Toys 'R' Us this weekend? Will you have a chance to drop off the candles on the way? And maybe the jewelry, too? I'm dying to get my candles before Jul -- please please please!

I've got it on my to-do list :)


It always astounds me when I read that bloggers are blogging or commenting from work. I NEVER check my blogs or anyone else's from work, since I work for a major snoop who likes to get on my PC at will. I've gone so far out of my way to not get "Dooce'd" that no one in my entire country (okay, territory) even knows that I blog! :)

Hope those pain pills you ended up getting did the trick! (I've got a bag-o-rice...never seen a bag-o-beans.) I feel your pain, literally. I, too, work at an office set-up that is an absolute ergonomic nightmare. ~Marilyn, Island Fever

I don't do it (blogging from work) nearly as much as I used to at Ericsson. :) And I NEVER talk about work in specifics or name names unless it's a protected entry, and never from work. Thankfully, I like my job so I don't do a lot of bitching about it. :) THe pain pills are helping, but not as much as I'd like, sadly.

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