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I'm a hunchback today. 2 nights ago I strained a muscle or pinched a nerve or just plain slept wrong and got a crick in my neck that is steadily getting worse and causing a LOT of pain. I can't turn my head easily to either side, and it hurts to do the simplest actions. It hurts to blow my nose, and type, and drive. I brought my heating bag-o-beans with me to work, and am currently sitting with it under my blouse, draped over my shoulder. Advil hasn't helped and so far, the heating isn't doing too much either. :( I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to cancel driving to Malmö for julbord tonight.

I would schedule a massage but I suspect it would hurt way too much at this point. I'm going to go to the pharmacy after work and pick up some salve that Anders told me about, a muscle relaxant of some sort that is supposed to help with pain like this.

Work is making me happy.
Christmas is making me stressed.
The crick is making me hurt.

What kind of stupid word is 'crick' ? Well, I'll tell ya, because when I was growing up, and you wanted to know something about a word you went and looked it up in the dictionary, and if you asked Mom or Dad instead they would just say "go look it up" so you had no choice if you wanted to know. 'crick' comes from the Middle English 'cryk' which spelling I like better and think I'll use from now on, as 'crick' sounds like something my southern friends would call a CREEK, and it means, and they are SO SO VERY RIGHT: a painful spasmodic condition of muscles (as of the neck or back).

And I find it interesting that 'Quasimodo' and 'spasmodic' have so many letters in common. I wonder if he twitched much.

Really Good Writing Out There Right Now With Bonus Heart-Warming Action! Coming Soon! Geena på Svenska

Edited to Add
I don't seem to be able to comment on several blogs from work (Chuck, Amylou, ...) I don't know what's causing it, but just wanted to let you know that might be why I'm not commenting as frequently. I've TRIED, I swear. :(

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