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It's been a banner day for packages, cards and presents!

A very big thank you and hug to
  • purrthecat & jessie_pup for the 3 Musketeers bars!!! YUM!
  • verian for the awesome book of poetry, which I urge the rest of you to GO BUY!
  • doggereler for the copy of Verian's 100-track CD project and the cool little toy for my kids
  • My grandma for the gingerbread cookies!!!
  • Christmas cards from LOTS of LOVELY people!
My cryk is killing me, and has been getting steadily worse, despite medication, salve, hot bag-o-beans and massage from Anders. I woke up 2 hours after I went to bed last night spasming and crying, and Anders managed to rub the worst of it out, and a large dosage of Advil allowed me to manage the rest of the night. :( I called this morning and got an appointment at the healthcare clinic, saw the doctor this afternoon, and got pain pills plus more pain pills, the second set with a little red warning triangle on the package, woot! She told me that if the muscles haven't released by the end of the weekend to call her back and they will set up an appointment with a physical therapist/chiro. If it was just a momentary pain now and then it wouldn't be nearly so bad, but it's sharp and it's CONSTANT.

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow*

Liz: Oh cool! Look! Grandma sent a tin of gingerbread cookies! Yum yum!
Martin: They're for the whole family, mama. *gives me a look*
Liz: *under breath* Curses, foiled again.

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

I'm So Going to Hell For Cracking Up: Horrifying Nativities (It's like an advent calendar run AMOK!)

*with apologies to amalah
mood: drained
music: The Go! Team—Bottle Rocket


Oh, I SO want the dogtivity. Can you just see me dressing Sophie up as the Virgin Mary, what with her present condition and all?

That's funny. LOL!!!

Oh, and sorry about your pain. I must have been sympathy suffering with you last night, since I was in pain and could NOT get comfortable all night, only mine is lower back and hips.

Do you have a heating pad? I swear, the only bad thing about my bag-o-beans is that the warmth wears off after awhile. Hope you feel better soon! Sleepless nights due to pain are the PITS.

I haven't been able to find a heating pad here or in the catalogs I get either. I know they're out there, Debbie found one for herself at Lidl, but I'd kill for a good one. I don't have a microwave, so the beanbag deal is out, which is a pity too. I LOVE those bags.

ouch ouch OUCH! I hate cricks in my neck - the last time I had one, I found those cool heating disposable heating pads! They were awesome. I hope your crick is banished, soon. Hopefully gingerbread cookies will help, right??

Gingerbread cookies are heal-all miracles :) Especially my grandma's!

I hope that you get some relief soon. I have to say though, that while you are in utter pain (and I totally feel for you) your post made me laugh hysterically. I love the way you (and Marie) write. You turn my tears of frustration into tears of laughter. :D

P.S. I must be going to hell too because.....oh my....scary nativities!!! Just what I want, a baby Jesus chocolate. Yes, lets eat the baby Jesus folks!!! I ask, where would one start? With with HIS head? NO thanks!!! I feel bad enough biting off the Easter Bunny's head (and he's not real).

I mailed your card today, so you will likely get it sometime before 2006. But you will like it because it is CUTE.

LOL! That link was too funny!

Don't you have one of those ergonomic teams at work that will come around and measure and refit your desk to suit your needs? What's the Swedish equivalent of OSHA?

yep, she's coming on Monday...FINALLY!!

I hope you get some relief soon. Will it help if I take the pin out of the neck of that voodoo doll I have of you?

What a laugh that Martin is develpoing that "hairy eyeball" look so early in life?

I love the horrifying nativities, though I really like this one.

aha! You evil voodoo queen! I suspected as much!

Make your own!

It is quite therapeutic :)

Blah, what an absolute pain!! I hope it goes away soon!!


Oh Lizardek-- I am so so so sorry for the crick *does magic whammy to make crick begone!* Hope you are feeling your full relaxed self soon soon and able to eat those gingerbread cookies with ease and pleasure. ~bluepoppy

I'm so sorry this is happening to you at all -- but especially so at the holidays. :-( I hope the meds do the trick, and quickly!

(BTW, the first line my eyes fell on when I read your post was "My grandma for the gingerbread cookies!!!"...and for a moment my befuddled brain thought you were offering to trade her for them. *g*)

I'd trade a lot of things for gingerbread cookies! (especially my grandma's) :D

The nativities were fun. I especially liked the live dogs and the trolls.
Good luck with your cryk, and the cookies.

Oh Dear … I hope you do find some relief for your neck real soon. Have you ever been to a physical therapist/chiro before? If not make sure you drink loads of water before & after ... the reason is the water will help flush out the bad energy.
Wish I was living near by, so I could do a few things for you, like raid your cookie stash.

trying to drink lots of water now but it's not easy, since it's not something I do normally. And you stay OUT of my cookie stash! :D

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