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Anders and I had a pact not to make any plans this weekend, except doing some Christmas shopping, working around the house a bit, and playing with the kids. Unusual, yes...and wonderful. :)
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How's your back?

Pain medication is a wonderful thing. It's a bit better, thanks :)

Christmas shopping?

What is this Christmas shopping? Oy - I guess since it is a week away, I should probably start thinking about it. I have purchased a handful of things online for family members and close friends, but I certainly haven't covered the bases. And I do need to ship one box to New York. Guess it is going to be late -- one year she didn't get her Christmas stuff until her birthday which is March 1. ;-)

Enjoy your relaxing weekend! Sometimes you just have to hide out at home and not commit to doing ANYTHING. ;-)

Re: Christmas shopping?

Non-commitment is sounding more and more attractive these days. :)

Good for you!! Plus I get so exhausted reading about all the things you get up to ;)

Hee! Well my taking it easy is anyone else's really busy weekend, but at least we aren't being guests or having them!

Good for you. Take it easy.
After such a very busy weekend last week, I hadn't planned anything for this weekend either. Good thing too, 'cause I got sick. Barely made it out to do some holiday related errands (fabric store again) and worked a little on projects, but mostly watched dvds on my laptop... hardly even read!
Got your card today in the mail. Thanks!

:) You're welcome. Well my taking it easy weekend is probably anyone else's busy one, but at least we aren't having guests or being them. :) We're leaving for the madhouse mall in an hour to finish up the Xmas shopping. I still have the cryk AND a lovely sore throat. ARGH! Hope you feel better!

ouch. A sore throat too! You need some lovely rest girl! a good book, a foot massage.
Hope you feel better soon and can truly enjoy your holidays.

I had a 1.5 hour nap. Alas, no foot massage is forthcoming. :)

Good for you on the nap. Too bad I'm not there. Foot bath massages are something that my women's group has done for each other over the years, and it's very soothing.


Do I love me some John Hiatt???? Oh baby. And how. Glad you finally got some R&R you busy woman . . . ~bluepoppy

John Hiatt rocks my socks. :) Have you ever seen him live?? yowza!

About time that the Ek family put themselves first. You guys are such wonderful hosts that guests can't help wanting to return again and again.

Glad you are having a less hectic weekend, especially as you still have that neck crick to nurse back to health.

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