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Awoke to a world of white, we'd been sugarcoated overnight. Just a little dusting but it became a mantle of diamonds in the sunlight. Snow, glorious snow! Bring it on for Christmas!

It's a good thing we had no major plans this weekend, as my cryk invited his friend the sore throat over to stay. I feel as if I've swallowed a frog. Because of the cryk, coughing is a majorly painful ordeal both on the inside and the out. The pain pills are not nearly as effective as I'd hoped they'd be, although they ARE helping, and I've been able to sleep through most of the last 2 nights, plus had a long nap this afternoon after our outing to the madhouse shopping center.

My Christmas shopping is now officially finished, and I even polished off gifts for a January birthday while I was at it. All of the stockings that I'm in charge of will be overflowing. Anders certainly has it easy, since he only has to deal with filling MINE. Our Christmas stockings are one of the nicest things about the holidays. In my mother's family, there is a tradition that was started back around the time my parents married that each member of the family was given a handmade, knitted sock in the same pattern. My mother's 2 aunts made them; Aunt Leta did the knitting and Aunt Mary did the decorating. There are now something like 175 members of the extended family, and ALL OF THEM have one of these stockings. Although Aunt Leta passed away a few years ago, and Aunt Mary is no longer involved, other dedicated souls have taken over for their branches and are making sure that the tradition continues for the newer members of the family.

Each stocking is striped in red, white and green with a pom-pom at the toe, and a Christmas tree on both sides. At the top is Santa in his sleigh, while on the other side is the reindeer that is pulling it. Above the reindeer and Santa is the name of the person in red, and at the bottom is the year that you were either born or joined the family by marriage. The socks are decorated with sequins, beads and small buttons and toys, and they are really works of art. In Santa's sleigh on my stocking is a tiny baby doll, a baby bottle, a pair of scissors and a miniature diamond wishbone. For some reason, I'm missing little figures at the foot of the trees, but Anders has a tiny teddy bear on one side and a little white rabbit on the other, while in his sleigh is a baseball, 2 quilted booties, a red bow and a MOOSE! Martin has a baseball, a tin soldier, a blue horse, a guitar player, a train engine and a little red bike, while an owl and a lion sit under his trees. On Karin's stocking are a candy cane, a golden flower, a bike and a big brown teddy bear, plus a little pearl pig and a mouse.

I love these stockings. They make me feel so connected to my family, and it wouldn't be Christmas without them. We don't (yet) have a fireplace so our stockings are hung by the —where else?— bookshelves with care. :)

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music: January—Through Your Skies


I love your stockings! What a lovely family tradition. We and all our cousins had matching stockings that one of my aunts made when we were kids. When we grew up and started marrying, we opted for those fleecy ones that you could buy and had everyones names ironed on to a stocking. Our last big family christmas there 23 stockings on the fireplace at my parents home. I have both those old ones but when we moved to Sweden I bought these odd green and gold stockings for the 3 of us because I figured if I was in a new country I wanted to go untraditional. *laugh*

I love your stockings!!

I love those stockings. Please adopt me!

and I even polished off gifts for a January birthday Oh Liz, you are too kind. You didn't have to get me anything, but I can't wait to get it. Post early as my birthday is very early in January.

I'm glad you enjoyed the snow I sent you. Santa always comes through for me. I guess you can tell from L-G's post that he doesn't share that delight. -10C forecast for Julafton here :)

It's in the mail. :D

As in the cheque's in the mail....

I've heard that once or twice before from people who owed me money.

Lots of lovely snow and sunshine here today. Pretty funny when you realise it is supposed to be the winter solstice tomorrow - "darkest day of the year".

You doubt my word?? *stares at you sternly*

We've had quite a bit of sunshine here today too although all the snow is now ICE!

That's such a lovely tradition!! I love things like that.

Sorry to hear you're feeling sick ... hope it goes away soon. I've got a bit of a cold too, bad timing huh!

I am so sorry for your bad back. I hope this eases up soon.

I ADORE the stockings.! I would love to have something ilke that in my family. Such a great way to connect to everyone.

The stockings are incredible. :) When we go home to the States for Christmas, and my sister and brother are there with their kids, and my mom and grandma, it is SO cool to see something like 15 stockings hung by my mom's fireplace :)

I hope your pain will go away soon. The stockings look very festive.

GREAT socks, love the pom-pom toes especially. Many years ago, I did needlepoint stockings for my first 5 nieces and nephew, but ran out of steam by the time Hayden came along, although I think his mom probably did him something special, since she's like that.

what a neat tradition :) And I hope you feel better!

Oh hahaha....I was looking at that, and thinking "Who the hell is Beth? I don't remember a Beth. What the heck?" DUH. It seriously took me some major brain power to figure that one out.

:D I almost turned the stocking around because of that, but then thought, naaah, they'll get it. :P

You clearly overestimate my brain power. Very flattering, of course, to be overestimated. You may continue. :)

I love your family stocking story. It seems everyone in your family is very motivated, to say the least - what a very sweet story! And can I just say that I'm glad you had a little 'down-time' - we're all longing for it!

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