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I am just not in the mood.

I am not in the mood for anything.

Not for cleaning up my dust-bunny colonized house. Not for wading through more! never-ending! endless! NON-ENDING loads of laundry.

Not for baking cookies that my son keeps asking me about because, GOD, when do I have time to bake cookies? After Christmas, that's when.

Not for writing posts in my LJ which is why there was nothing yesterday and nearly nothing today (and you're probably wishing about now that I'd continued that trend).

Not for having that achy stuffy full-of-phlegm not-fresh head-cold feeling 2 days before Christmas.

2 days before Christmas. AAAGH

I am not really stressed. I'm just tired and I can't breathe and my throat hurts and I keep coughing when I try to carry on a conversation but I can't take a day off to be sick in peace because work is kicking my butt and I'll have a WEEK OFF starting in 2 days so quit'cher bitchin' already, Liz and get over yourself.

*gets over self*

*moves on*

*looks around for pillow*


In other, more cheerful, and not nearly as whiny news, I have a huge office to myself now, as my office-mate has moved out, although he has left behind giant piles of crap that I suspect he thinks he can just leave here and they will either magically disappear or be cleaned up by a woman. Namely, me. To which he will be learning that I'm not in the mood for THAT either.

My desk has been lowered to 65 centimeters off the floor, which means I'm very low to the ground, sitting up straight, with both hands in front of me, warding off the cryk, who is still hanging about, asking me things like, "Hey. Hey, you gonna sit like that? Hey...hey, you gonna sit with one leg under you again so that you lean to the left and pull on your shoulder juuuuuusssst a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit? C'mon, please? Just for a few minutes." Begone, cryk! Get thee, er, behind me! Way behind!

Do you know that last December I read a whopping total of 3 books? Even considering one of them was 3x the size of a regular paperback that is a pretty sad total for a month when I commonly average 10. This December? The month we're in right now, of which said month the date is the 22nd, meaning that there is only about another week to go? I'll be lucky to have finished the book I'm reading by then, and it's only the SECOND BOOK. What? You don't care? No. I didn't think so really, but I'm not in the mood to worry about it.

*wishes for covers to put head under*

*goes back to work instead*
mood: grumpy
music: Wruf—The First Light Breaks

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I used to soldier on through work, but I realised a few days ago that one day off as soon as it comes on means fewer sick 'low concentration painful' days (and fewer sick colleagues) .... can you take one off??

There are too many reasons not to take a day off: 1) I don't get paid for it, 2) I have too much to do with crunchy deadlines, and 3) I'll have a whole week off starting Thursday afternoon


Poor sickie! I think that when one is ill, especially for more than a couple of days and it's at a busy time of the year anyway, you can get overwhelmed very easily. That nasty neck and back pain, lack of sleep and now sore throat must be taking a big toll.

I know that the most obvious solutions are not an option. People used to say to me when I had similar feelings - "Take a day off" or "Relax in bed for a couple of days" but with work deadlines and a family to run, it's near impossible. All you can do is hopefully at work is to wing it enough over the next two days and then collapse when you have some time off. Pare down what you have to do to the bare essentials - get THAT done and forget aboutr the rest. It will still be there when you get back.

The kids is a hard one. I know how persistent they are and that guilt they induce with the "But you PROMISED we'd make cookies". No easy answers there. Sometimes mum has to take second place in these instances if you can't avoid it. Otherwise I usually resorted to bribes to get some breathing space :)

BUT number one is that you need to take care of LIZ. She must be pampered and indulged, so she returns to full, happy, healthy lizardek.

I'm as bad as you this month with books as well. I'm a fast and prolific reader and all I've managed so far is Satanic Verses and 7/8ths of Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. Pretty pathetic.

Well, in your defense, Bill Bryson's History slows you down quite a bit if you're going to really digest everything he packs into that book.

And thank you for the kind words. If I wasn't sick on top of everything, I'd be feeling pretty good about Christmas and all the usual million things to do. I promise to do some major pampering during the mellandagarna!

How did you manage to get through Satanic Verses? I hated that book!


20 books a month?!?! Good god, woman, I HAVE NO LIFE...and I barely make it through 2 or 3. You know that idleness essay BP linked to? Idleness is my middle name. I've made a career of it, actually. I haven't posted in days because...ack!...who can find the time when there's actually ONE thing scheduled IN EACH DAY?! And I have no children...I don't even have any pets! (If you don't count the gekkos that continually find their way inside...I adore them because they're like having pets with no involvement.) And now I learn that you're some kind of freakily-fast reader in addition to everything else you do?! Excuse me while I return to staring off into space...

Glad to hear that your ergonomic situation is shaping up at work. I, too, have a horrible habit...the one where I love to put my left foot atop my right knee while typing at the computer...that kinda thing does wonders for the neck, doesn't it? :) ~Marilyn, Island Fever

LOL! Okay, it's not 20 books a month, it's usually between 10-15, and yes, I DO read really fast, always have :D


Oh my dear dear dear Lizardek-- everything I wanted to say Ozswede has already said but I wish so muchI could help you. You deserve to feel better soon soon. Nasty bronchial cold-- I have one too I'm fighting off and it does suck to get sick right before Christmas. But hang in there-- just focus on the task at hand and when you get home let the kids know you need some of their TLC--- they will spoil you rotten if you let them! *hugs* ~bluepoppy

True...thanks for the reminder :) Karin even gives backrubs! (not very long ones, but that's okay)

it will all get better soon! keep on truckin' as they say..

You're preaching to the choir, Sister. But I'm opting for the covers over my head. *guilty blush* In fact, I should be cleaning the kitchen as we speak, as I'm expecting company, but here I am at lj instead. Hrm. I wonder if it's a recognized medical disorder this procrastinatory laziness that's overcome me lately. Not because I want a magic pill to fix it all but it's nice to know it's not just me. :)

Aw, I'm sorry you're feeling all burned out. I love Christmas dearly but it can definitely bring about that tired-and-frantic state sometimes. In happier news, I did get your Christmas card the other day, and was irrationally delighted to receive mail All The Way From Sweden.

Wow! It made it in time! I was sure they would all be late :)

If I could I would take the kids off your hands & bake cookies, but that wouldn't be the same as having Mum helping.
Take care of your self.

That's what I need! My MOM! Why didn't I think of that?!

oh my sweet liz! I join all your other adoring bloggy friends in wishing that you could blow it all off and hit the bed. You've been so incredibly busy this holiday season - I just hope you can wrap up things at work, persuade Anders to make some cookies, and then get some really good rest!

*gentle hug*

*gives you a balloon with a smiley wearing a santa hat*


You were listening to the boy's music! Awww, that'll make his day. :) I hope you feel better soon.

I listen to it a lot at work :) It's great background music, and very soothing.

Oh, man, you're one of those fast readers! My best friend can plow through an average length book in an hour or two and I'm so jealous. I have a compulsion to read each and every word.

Skimming is the way to go, baby! As long as you can keep your retention level up, that is :)

The trouble is that your normal mode is soooooooooooo much more active than most of the rest of us that when you need to scale back, it's hard to know where to even begin. This would be easy for a sloth like myself because I never make cookies from the beginning so Ingrid wouldn't even know she was getting short-changed. And G usually does the laundry (which isn't really my preference but it happens) so no problem there. Get Anders to do the laundry and tell the kids you can't bake when you're sick because you'll get your germs in all the cookies. That should make the requests stop!

And thanks for the Christmas card! I got your and one from dbrus at the same time. Imagine my shock to have mail from Sweden that was for ME!!

Hee! The kids never get cookies baked by me either, except that last year at Christmas my mom was here and Simone (John's fiancee) and so we went into cookie-baking overdrive...I can't blame him for wanting them! I want them too! I just want SOMEONE ELSE to do the baking! I can't make Anders do the laundry, honestly. He does do a lot around the house and takes care of EVERYTHING to do with the house maintenance, car, garage, etc. Plus he deals with the kids when I can't :)

"although he has left behind giant piles of crap that I suspect he thinks he can just leave here and they will either magically disappear or be cleaned up by a woman. Namely, me. To which he will be learning that I'm not in the mood for THAT either."

Do tell how you end up dealing with this if he doesn't come back on his own to clean up.

I hope that when you get off for your week that it will give you such a relaxing rush just to anticipate the time, that you are instantly better!
In lieu of that, I would send hugs, hot ginger tea with lots of honey (very good for what ails you and yummy too!), fresh cookies for Martin, and several good books!

Good point about your desk - your cryk probably is ergonomically related - at our NEW office we are getting brand new state-of-the-art ergonomic desks and chairs.

Laundry. sigh.

*big shoulder chuck*


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