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You know what cheers me up? YOU do! Well, my kids do, too. And Anders. And the incredible domestic binge I went on last night in the kitchen. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with the kitchen. I have everything you could really ever need to cook or bake with, and a recipe clip book just packed with yummy ideas, but do I ever do anything with them? Rare, I tell ya. I used to bake more than I do now, back when I had free time (ho ho ho), and I've always liked baking more than cooking, but the amount of times I've baked anything in the last 8 years? I can count them on 2 hands, pretty much. And I'm not counting rice krispie marshmallow treats because that's not baking even though it involves a mixing bowl and a measuring cup.

After work I went grocery shopping and when I came home I whirled into the kitchen like a madwoman and baked a cake. Spice cake, my favorite! YUM! Who cares if it was for my Swedish mother-in-law and she and the rest of Anders' family don't know what spice cake is and won't give it proper appreciation! And then? I frosted it with my very own homemade vanilla buttercream frosting. Did you know that frosting will last PRACTICALLY FOREVER in the freezer? Yessiree! So good and sweet it makes my teeth ache just writing about it. And even though it had a crack in the top and 2 pieces of the side had fallen off when I took the cake out of the stupid leaking springform pan, I managed to cover up all defects with the awesome frosting job I did.

Hmm...I wonder if I could cover up other defects with frosting? Might be fun to try!

Then I made 2 batches of Rice Krispie Holly Bars which don't count toward my baking total, but they still made me happy even though, amazingly, I didn't eat any! Weird. I wonder if I'm sick or something. Oh wait! I AM sick! Okay, that explains it. Or maybe the eating of the frosting beforehand explains it. Whatever. Anyway, Rice Krispie Holly Bars are a million times better than regular Rice Krispie Marshmallow treats because they involve green food coloring and cinnamon red hots. I'm a firm believer in the philosophy that there is nothing that can't be improved by the application of a few cinnamon redhots...or frosting for that matter. Or both! Whoa, tiger!

THEN! As if that wasn't enough, I made up a double batch of sugar cookie dough to bake today. Because my son's puppybrown pleading eyes are irresistable. *bat bat* go those eyelashes, and I am defeated. Must make cookies! COOOOOKIIIIIEEEEE! *cookie monster noises*

Today is Anders' mom's birthday and we're spending the evening with his family at his sister's. But first I'm working a half day and then I'm baking cookies. It is raining and raining and raining, and where is all the damn snow we were promised? Thankfully, ozswede has provided a possible solution to the no snow situation with Grow Snow. I've ordered 42 tons to be shipped to Flyinge directly. It says just add water so that's no problem considering all the STUPID RAIN.

Maybe I could just coat everything with vanilla buttercream frosting. Then it would LOOK like winter and it would TASTE good, too!

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