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Yay! My 42 tons of snow is being delivered right now! It's a WHITE CHRISTMAS, after all! :D
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music: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

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Yay!! It's amazing how much more Christmas spirit one feels when it's snowing on Christmas Eve! :)

you're right. My son said on the phone last weekend that he was standing outside Borders bookstore in shorts in the sunshine listening to their Christmas music and it wasn't very Christmas inspiring.
The snow is somehow so associated with Christmas for so many of us.

Well, happy snow to you.

Lucky you! I travel thousands of miles and here it's sunshine and blue skies! :)

Enjoy and God Jul!! :)


We may have a White Christmas too. :) I'm just hoping it holds off long enough for me to get us to the in-laws. It's a 3.5 - 4 hour drive.

*throws a snowball atcha and runs*



*makes a snow angel!*


*skidding across the lawn* Whooooooo! Yay for snow for Lizardek---- have a most merry, merry Christmas! ~bluepoppy


Merry Christmas! Thank you for the card, I got it just before I left for the states.

Enjoy the sil, skinka, or whatever your favorite Swedish julbord specialty is.



Happy White Christmas to you!
It is pouring rain here in Nova Scotia but the temps are supposed to drop so there is hope yet for a dusting of snow.
Holiday Hugs!

We've got more snow than anyone around us, woot! Holiday hugs to you too :) Hope you get some! It sure works wonders for the Christmas spirit :)

Yesterday's torrential rain wiped out the past week's lovely snowfall, here, but your post will let me enjoy a Vicarious White Christmas -- YAY! ;-)

(...and there's the added benefit that I don't have to drive in it, when I go over to my folks' place this evening... *grin*)

Merry merry merry!

I want to know what snow looks and feels like. :\
(Of course, right after I go and witness it, I will want to go back home to Texas! :P~)

Snow is magical gorgeous pain-in-the-ass COLDNESS :)

Hooray! There's been talk of flurries down South, so we're all waiting expectantly...much love to you and your sweet family!


Yeah! For Snow- definitely fixes the Christmas mood! :) I've got 10" officially - and lots more on my deck and where else it decided to drift and blow into lovely piles that will try to hang around for months!!! Luckily the day we travel to your sister's - it will be sunny and clear - and by then the roads will all be shoveled ( not the case today when I ventured out to the grocery store)! Love, Lizardmom

That's right, it's the 25th over there already! Merry Christmas and hurrah for snow!

Actually, no, it's still the 24th, but that's when Swedes celebrate Christmas so it counts :)

You DID order it and I got Santa to deliver. Hope it was enough :)

Thankyou for the lovely moose. My green, red and white serviettes are sitting in it now. Santa Ek always knows what I love, even though my hints are oh so subtle... (Ho Ho Ho)

You're welcome! :) I hope you liked it, although I suspect it wasn't the same as the one you saw :)

Would you believe this comment came to my mailbox today (5 days after it was posted!)

No, it wasn't the same one (the one I say was made of wrought iron) but this is gorgeous! Any moose in a storm, as the newly-invented-ozswede saying goes :)

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