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Somehow, every year, I find out once again that all the preparations and stress were worth it, when I see the kid's excited faces and Anders really likes his gift. Sneaking Christmas cookies while the kids are occupied with constructing Lego sets. Laying on the couch listening to new CDs and staring at the Christmas tree until all the colored lights run together. Glad that there is sunshine AND snow. Glad that the gifts I sent to far places were received on time and with joy. Glad that I can really relax now and enjoy a week off. Merry Christmas, my friends.
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music: Eva Cassidy—God Bless the Child


Sounds wonderful! Merry Christmas, Liz. :)

It is! Merry Christmas to you, too :)

I agree - it's that look of wonder and joy on your child's face that makes all the frenzy so worthwhile. And spending time with those you love and cherish.

And because it's expected and I can't help myself:

Anders really likes his gift.

Somehow I didn't really see him as a weekend at Santa Mansion type..

Har! Shows what you know! :D

Merry Christmas, Liz. Nobody's up at my house yet. Sounds like you are in the soup of Christmas love. How wonderful.

I remember that feeling too. The faces all aglow, and I can finally relax and just enjoy the calm and the aftermath.
I wake up today alone, the kids all grown up and living on their own. It's a different kind of feeling and experience now... shifting.
Yet B sang Oh Christmas Tree with me around the tree last night before we opened our gifts (which took a lot less time with just the three of us) and the stockings are stuffed. B and Matt will come by in a while to do stockings, before going off to Matt's mom's for today's festivities. Autumn and Joe will stop by to pick up the pumpkin pie I made for her.

Mmm...pumpkin pie :) I think that since change is inevitable, the best we can do is to find our place within the changes where we can keep our traditions and our spirit without worrying that not everything is exactly "like it used to be."

Yes, that's the dance now, and there are many dancers all trying not to step on toes. When they were small, I was sort of in the lead. Now we all lead and follow simultaneously.
The day turned out great by the way, with surprise family time, spontaneous dance steps.

I've always enjoyed giving presents. The hustle and bustle really does pay in the end, and that's the greatest gift - to see all the smiles and stuff.

Okay, don't tell anyone I just wrote that cheesy crapola. I WILL DENY EVERYTHING. Someone must have hijacked my journal. *grunt*


Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful! And, yes, it is all about the kids, isn't it? I got so much joy from speaking to my niece yesterday as I was sitting on the beach and she was breathlessly relating what Santa had left behind. Can't believe you've been to Magens...small world! :) And, yes, it is a little odd living in the tropics year-round...a bit like "Groundhog Day"...although one does develop a more discerning eye to be able to see the change in our 'seasons.' Enjoy your week off! And best wishes to you, Anders and the kids for a great 2005! ~Marilyn

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