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Somehow, every year, I find out once again that all the preparations and stress were worth it, when I see the kid's excited faces and Anders really likes his gift. Sneaking Christmas cookies while the kids are occupied with constructing Lego sets. Laying on the couch listening to new CDs and staring at the Christmas tree until all the colored lights run together. Glad that there is sunshine AND snow. Glad that the gifts I sent to far places were received on time and with joy. Glad that I can really relax now and enjoy a week off. Merry Christmas, my friends.
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music: Eva Cassidy—God Bless the Child


Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful! And, yes, it is all about the kids, isn't it? I got so much joy from speaking to my niece yesterday as I was sitting on the beach and she was breathlessly relating what Santa had left behind. Can't believe you've been to Magens...small world! :) And, yes, it is a little odd living in the tropics year-round...a bit like "Groundhog Day"...although one does develop a more discerning eye to be able to see the change in our 'seasons.' Enjoy your week off! And best wishes to you, Anders and the kids for a great 2005! ~Marilyn

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