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Ssssh...listen. Do you hear that? No? Listen's the sound of quiet. It sounds so nice, doesn't it? It's not quite the sound of silence, since the computer is humming, and my fingers are clicking away on the keyboard, and the washing machine is running in the background, and Paul and Art are nowhere in evidence, but it will definitely do for now.

Anders just left with the kids to go ice skating in Malmö and I decided to stay home to work on the AWC website, read another book (my 4th!), do laundry...and enjoy the peace and quiet. We've had a busy week with Christmas parties here and there and good food and lots of it. I'm ready for relaxing and did some already this morning, sleeping in and waking up slowly and then reading for an hour before getting up. The kid's department looks like a toy-nado hit, but I only care a little bit and not enough to do anything about it.

I've been thinking about my dad a lot the last 2 days. It was mostly brought on because of a Christmas present that my mom sent me: Glenn Yarbrough's CD Baby the Rain Must Fall, signed by him when she and my grandma went to see him live a couple of months ago. I love that album and it's because of my dad. Glenn Yarbrough was one of the The Limeliters and his voice and his music was a huge part of my childhood because my dad loved them and their music, along with The Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul & Mary and various other folk rock groups. Dad would have been so jealous of my CD, although if he was alive he would certainly have gone to the concert with mom and grandma, and he'd probably have his OWN signed CD. It would have been fun to talk to him about it.

Happy Happy Great Big Birthday Wishes to scubatoe_eimi!
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Yep - our house too has now burst at the seams with toys! Toys with a MILLION tiny pieces. Oigh.

Happy boxing day Liz.

Same to you :) Hope it's a relaxing one :)

I'm so used to quiet that I wonder how it will be when (maybe oneday) there actually IS pitter-patter of kids and toys and, well, general noise.

I've become so accustomed to it that I get a little shocked and unnerved when there is a commotion anywhere. Perhaps like all things kids-related, you gradually grow into it?

Well, they don't start out bouncing off the walls, unless you get a colicky one, and even that usually only lasts a few months, so yes, I think they grow into it gradually, and of course, Christmas excitement exacerbates it :)

Sweet thoughts of your Dad. It's very interesting the things/memories that trigger these reveries of dear family members who have passed.
Now I've got Baby The Rain Must Fall playing on repeat in my head, and have searched the library for it.
(power of suggestion!)

Grab those peaceful moments and cherish them. I'm so happy to hear that you are relaxing after the whirlwind social events you've been attending.

I've been a sloth as well today, reading a rather good book I got for Christmas. Peace and quiet is the best.


ME TOO!!! about Dad I mean, I guess for me it is just that time of year when I get all nostalgic... Of course the monthly hormonal thing isnt helping. Hee hee

As for the TOY NADO you said it!!!!! I sure hope Grandma doesnt trip and break something while she is here!!! Fingers crossed. Love Seester!!!

Nice memory of your Dad, I wish he was there for you to talk to him about it.

Glad you're getting a chance to relax.

thanks for the birthday greetings! you are sweet!
ah, peace and quiet, could you send some up here? they seemed to have disappeared!

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