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Foggy days and foggy nights. I am not in a fog, although my home is. The temperature is dropping, I can feel it in my bones. Birds are cold feathered bundles huddled together under leaves, in chilly nests, wishing they'd gone south. A tree is outlined in white, rimed in frost, a starry anomaly. The waning moon glows encircled, wreathed in fog.

Apparently the postal system is working in a fog too, as my sister just summarized our lists of missing gifts to and from the States, mostly from, and it totals 13 packages. :( Amazon, you suck. USPS, you suck worse.

Things I Should Have Put On My Christmas List: a maid, a massage, sushi

I'm reading my second Nancy Mitford book in 2 days. I'm madly in love with her style and her characters. Why has it taken me so long to discover her writing? Beware, Mom, I've added nearly her entire bibliography to my wish list.

Tomorrow we have grocery shopping for New Year's Eve (dinner party! our place! be there or be square!) and I have a meeting with the girls who are joining the AWC webteam as well as the woman who is taking over as AWC Slave Editor for me next year (yay!!). On Wednesday we are driving up to Gothenburg to pick up our new used car, and staying overnight with the hospitable reebert! :)

By the way, have you seen my motivation? I think I lost it. Or maybe it got thrown out accidentally in that giant black garbage bag of wrapping paper and packaging. I suspect it's out wandering, on vacation, hopping merrily along with a jaunty step and its hat tilted rakishly over one of its i's. If I leave it alone, I suppose it will come home eventually. Wagging its behind, of course.
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Oh, it's so good to lose one's motivation occassionally, if you know you will get it back.

Read "The House of Mitford" by Jonathan Guinness, it will give you MUCH more of an insight into her books. You know about all her even stranger sisters, don't you? And also try to find her book on class, "U and Non-U" I think, although I can't find it momentarily in my bookcase. She did one of the first works to separate "them" from "us" by pronunciation.

Will do! Thanks for the rec. :) Have you read Lovell's biography of the Mitfords?

Was it the one called "The Mitford Girls"? If so, I've read it, but don't remember the author. Usually, when I find a subject interesting, I try to read several different books, since authors often let their prejudices drift in to their analyses. There's a new bio out right now on Diana (Mitford) Mosley.

It's titled "The Sisters: The Sage of the Mitfords" or something like that.

Missing gifts

About your missing packages...last Christmas Björn sent me a large envelope with a namesday calendar, some packages of blueberry soup mix, some glögg spices. He mailed it from Sweden on December 16. It arrived in Florida on the 16th. Of MARCH. (Which, coincidentally, is my birthday.)

Look on the bright side - if the stuff gets delayed long enough it can count as a gift for some other holiday.

Re: Missing gifts

Well, we're hopeful. We've had packages take up to 4 months, but this is a LOT to go astray at once. (and one of my mom's packages to my brother had an irreplaceable painting in it :( )

How would one know exactly what motivation was if didn't "get lost" sometimes? I think "misplacing" it helps one see if for what it is. Sort of like getting sick. It makes feeling healthy all the more wonderful. :D


Hey, if you want any help with Marie's journal, just ask. Though I admit, your journal is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy cooler than mine, but I am more than willing to help Marie-a-size her journal. :D

cooler? I think mine is really rather plain, although I like the colors and find them comforting to look at :) I'll have to do some thinking about Marie's!


If this is you in your 'unmotivated' phase, I don't even want to know how many books you can read when you actually find your motivation... :) ~Marilyn

A paperback a day if I'm uninterrupted...although the last time I was uninterrupted was early 1997...

I say go with "unmotivated" for awhile. You might find it isn't lost, but YOU are moving in another direction. Turning over AWC, does this mean you'll have one less thing on your plate? Or have you already replaced it with two other things? Grins...

:) Well, I haven't turned it over yet, and I'm officially the Editor until the end of August, but I'm hoping to delegate the most of it. :) One less thing for then, anyway! :)

Are you having fireworks at the party? Is Anders a cupboard pyromaniac like many other Swedes?

You are not the only one pissed off with Amazon. Somewhere I read that they said 99% of things would arrive on time, but given how many customers they have, 1% is still a bloody lot of people!

I haven't read any Nanvy Mitford. I'll have to look them up as they sound interesting if both you and Carolyn give them the thumbs up.

As for motivation. I think this year has been a particularly stressful one with loads of committments, uncertainty over work, a wobble or two on the relationship front, feeling a bit hurt and vulnerable after people accused you of giving out "bad vibes" and not to mention the whole turning 40 and wondering "where the hell am I?" and "is this really who I want to be?"

Go easy on yourself! That's a superhuman load and I think your body has been sending increasinly LARGE hints (cryck, flu, tiredness) to slow down and take a breath for a second. There is nothing wrong with that and possibly a whole lot of good to be gained.

I'm pleased you are handing over the AWC website. That takes a lot of time and effort and there are others around who can help out. Though I expect there will be a raft of mixed feelings about that as well. "Have I failed or let down people? I should be able to do this!" plus a mourning time where you feel a let down by not being in charge of it.

I think of it like studying for that big exam. You are motivated, on fire, doing all it takes, not noticing the stresses it takes as you are driven along towards the goal. Suddenly, the exam is over. You crash in a heap, unable to move or care about anything.

I know you'll be back and raring to go soon. Just take it easy, and be kind to Liz.

You know, I think you're right, and while I DO have mixed feelings about all of this, there is a part of me that is SO looking forward to not having this entire commitment hanging over my head every month. I expect I'll still be doing something...but hopefully the majority can be delegated. I'm still the Editor officially until the end of August, so I don't expect it will happen all at once, but I'm glad that I started NOW so that it's not a big nightmare next fall since fall is alway so busy as it is! :) Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. :) I'm glad I have you in my corner! :)

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