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The news from Asia is just staggering. We have friends that were traveling by train from Singapore to Malaysia this week, and no idea where they were or if they are okay.

It makes my little life seem awfully unimportant in comparison.


Despite the 50% off sale at the lamp store, and an assortment of some 50-60 hanging lamps, Anders and I found nothing that we could agree on as being right for our dining room. The search continues.

I'm very pleased with the results of the first meeting of the new AWC webteam. There are now 4 of us that will be working together on the website-newsletter and a committed replacement for me as Editor next fall. 2 of the girls need to learn HTML, but the wonderful galestorm has kindly offered her services as a trainer and we have a schedule and have already divvied up some of the sections so that they have responsibilities and goals to work toward starting in January. Gale also made the most gorgeous brooch/pendant for me, I can't wait to wear it!

Cracking Me Up: the McBengt Burger at McDonald's...complete with rostad lök!

Big Beautiful Birthday Wishes to courtesy!
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furniture is the hardest thing to agree on with a spouse... we bought 2 houses and multiple cars easily but try to agree on a couch and it took many visits to many stores!

I handle all decorating dilemmas simply by not giving Olof the chance to weigh in on the matter. Of course, if he had the slightest sense of what looks good, it might be a different story. :)

Oh, and I just spent a good fifteen seconds trying to figure out what a "brunch pendant" might be before I realized that the word was "brooch" and not "brunch."

LOL! A brunch pendant is a waffle on a string with a mimosa! hee!

The Asian tragedy seems to just overshadow everything at the moment. I felt really selfish and churlish bitching about not having broadband for 6 weeks. Talk about a person in need of a reality check.

As for AWC - see they need FOUR people to replace you. That must tell you that you were doing way too much.


The tsunami news is heartbreaking. I've been in a major earthquake...and had my little hometown hit by a my prayers really go out to that part of the world right now.

I wanted to tell you I got your card yesterday...thank jul! :)


I hope they are okay also.

As for the rostad lök, there's a pizza place in Falun called American Take Away that offers vitlök or rostad lök on your pizzas for only 3:- extra. (Coincidentally, it's the only sensible pizza place around here, and is operated by Swedes.)

Thank you!!

I hope your friends are okay :(

We just got ahold of mutual friends who had talked to their parents, and they weren't in the danger zone at the time, although they had been heading toward Phuket. :( thank goodness!!

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