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My sister and I outfoxed each other on the cool-aunt/you-bought-WHAT?! dichotomy this year. I sent her 2.5-year old a romping stomping dinosaur outfit that roars and growls with every movement, and she sent my husband and daughter a remote-control car. A big one. A LOUD one. The package was super late even though it was mailed early, and arrived the evening before we left for a 2-day jaunt up to Gothenburg to pick up a car. Consequently, Karin was able to open the present, but not play with it, engendering 2 days of endless comments and questions about playing with her car the second we got home, interrupted only by the few hours we were actually at the wonderful reebert's place where there were TWO dogs to occupy her mind.

Upon returning, she made a beeline for the car and proceeded to roar it up and down one side of the house after the other, narrowly avoiding a major disaster when the car roared under the Christmas tree and upon being put in reverse, hooked a string of lights and began pulling it out and off the dangerously swaying tree while Anders and I screamed and frantically dove for her and the remote.

Sarah, if that tree had come crashing down, I would not be writing a journal entry right now. I would be buying plane tickets online for tomorrow to come and THROTTLE you.

The living room is now off-limits to cars. The driveway, however, is FULL of them, as we now (temporarily) own THREE. So decadent! Except that one is the Nissan, a grungy white scraptrap, soon to be sold, hopefully. The new (used) silver Audi is a dream to drive, even through 3 hours of rainy windyness.

Martin, in the meantime, has copped a major attitude and decided that I am "NOT NICE." I thought the teenage years weren't supposed to start until they were in double-digits, but apparently I thought wrong.
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Oh Martin-- get off of it! Your mom is perfect in every way. Just deal.

And the silver Audi sounds dreamy . .. . yum! So glad your holidays were so full and delish!! ~bluepoppy

LOL! Can't you come and tell him in person??

Why are you not nice? I think you're very nice: you cook quiche and feed us your precious artichoke heart dip and green rice krispie treats!

I know! I feed him rice krispie treats too! But I also make him behave and eat his dinner and clean up the playroom and stop mouthing off, etc. *rolls eyes*

oh well, we think you're nice.
What is it that's actually bothering him? You being "not nice" sounds like a conclusion jumped to from a set of unprocessed feelings/events. What's under it?

the fact that I tell him what to do (like "eat your dinner"). :)

Oh my, you are mean!! lol

On a more serious note though, young people feel awfully powerless around even our justifiable and important need to control their behavior. Sometimes it helps to read them something geared for kids that explains the difference between role power (what parents have) and personal power, like " Stick Up For Yourself."

That is an excellent point, and one I will definitely talk to Martin about. Thank you :)

welcome :-)

I'm sorry but I can picture Karin and the car and the tree almost tipping over!

I should try and make a sound file of the car to share with you all!

I'm almost afraid to ask what she sent Martin. *g*

It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm told by a reliable source that it involves 1000 small pieces of plastic. *sigh*

Not Lego, is it? Wouldn't that be coals to Newcastle? :)

Hee! Yes, it is, indeed, LEGO, and you're right, but that's okay. THey love it, and I think it's the best toy every made. :)

As someone once told me, stop making me laugh so hard when I'm trying to feel sorry for you!


I WON! I WON!! I WON!!! hee hee!!!!! Not that I really thought about that when I was buying it Just "What a perfect gift for Karin"

I doooooo LOOOOOVE YOOOOU SEESTER!!! from the Beeg Leetle Seester


hahahaha! Did Mom tell you WE got a loud dino, too?

Bah! Great story. I love your daughter! We are raising our girl with hotwheels and heroclix!

Liz, you really need an icon like this one:

I can see Martin's face as well while telling you you aren't "nice". And I just know that Karin will win....

Does cranberry juice clean well out of keyboard`?

LOL! Sorry! >:D Where did you get that icon?! Hilarious!

It was from some "make a sign competition" I read about at some stage. I'll try and dig out the link.

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