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Tonight I will be celebrating the New Year with good friends, good food, laughter and fireworks. I will be warm, fed, happy and surrounded by my family. I will not be mourning the deaths of my loved ones. I will not be lying wounded and sick in a hospital far from home. I will not be contemplating the destruction of my home, my business, my world. But I will be thinking about those who are. Please give if you can.

Melanie Says It Far Better Than I Could: Waves of Chance & Change

Goals for 2005:
  • Continue learning to say both NO and YES to the right things
  • Reserve one day each for week for relaxing
  • Schedule monthly massages
  • Don't let the little things get to me
  • Count my blessings more often
  • If I can't eat right, eat better
  • Laugh every day
  • Indulge my creative side
  • Be nicer to my family (thank you, Martin)
  • Learn to pick my battles
  • Get off my butt and walk

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