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Yesterday's Menu:
  • Lobster soup with snowpeas and cognac
  • Marinated pork tenderloin covered in leek and red onion
  • Creamy garlic potato au gratin
  • Marinated mushrooms
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Cinnamon parfait with warm apple sauce
The Biggest Best Warmest Birthday Wishes to ozswede!
mood: full
music: the kids playing, friends talking


Current mood: Jealous!! :) ~Marilyn

Mmmm, that sounds good.'re making my mouth water!

Thankyou for the birthday wishes.

So, when are you arriving with some of that dinner? We are waiting here with our empty plates and fork and knife poised...


omigawd. Feed me Seymour!

and hope 2005 delivers on your every bliss, dearest Liz! And that you stop being so not-nice to your children before I have to call social services :^) ha.

with loads of luv, Wee xo

Damn, I'm drooling!

Sounds delicious! Were there any left-overs?

Re: Damn, I'm drooling!

a handful of potatoes and broccoli and a tablespoon of mushrooms, all of which I ate for dinner tonight! :D

I'd like to dive face-first into yesterday's menu!

:D It was THAT good!


*panting* *salivating* That menu? Divine.

And inspiring-- I am hitting the grocery store with a vengenance tomorrow and T won't know what hit him for Sunday dinner!

And? Love the new layout-- very cool, you cool thang. ~bluepoppy

Re: *droooling*

Hee! thank you :)

OMG. I'm drooling. How on earth do you manage to find time to produce meals like this? (And do you have time to fly over and cook them for me and Fred? *g*)

:D It wasn't me! I had nothing to do with it, besides picking the dessert and approval. :) Anders is the gourmet chef in our household. :)


Fred can (allegedly; I've never witnessed this) make hot dogs and spaghetti. Anything else on the menu is my department. *g*

(On the other hand, he does the laundry and takes out the trash without being asked, so I really can't complain.)

If I listed everything Anders does, you'd keel over or buy plane tickets to come try and weasel him away from me, so I'll just say he's pretty damn great in every department. *nudge nudge*

If he does windows, you may have an en masse female invasion on your hands... ;-)

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