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Things I Dropped Yesterday:
  • a jar of caviar on the tile floor (no breakage!)
  • a kohlrabi
  • 1/2 of a glass bathroom cabinet door (MAJOR breakage)
  • the ball...for not calling a visiting acquaintance from the States the day before she left to go home
  • a huge pile of Christmas cards and paperclips
  • my daughter (after the bath)...okay, I admit it—I pushed her, but only because she SPIT AT ME.
Everyone writes better than I do. This is not a plea for affirmation, it's an observation. There are so many people out there that write better than I do. I'm awed and humbled and motivated and speechless at the amazing writing out there that I find on a daily basis. And there's so much that I don't have time to find, much less time to read. The mind boggles, truly it does. At least mine does. Not that it's hard to make my mind boggle. Shut up, you.

I'm sitting here sort of reveling in the vegetative state of this evening. We are childfree for a day and a half, thanks to the generousity of my inlaws who called yesterday and announced they'd be picking up the children after lunch today and returning them some time tomorrow evening. Just because. It's still a vacation week for schools here, as the holidays aren't officially over until Trettondag Jul, better known in English-speaking circles as Epiphany, Twelfth Day or Three Kings Day. People get this mixed up with Tjugonde Knut which is also in January but has nothing to do with Christmas and isn't a Swedish holiday. Trettondag is when Swedes take down their Christmas decorations and toss out their trees.

I'm looking rather forward to a lot of alone time this month, as Anders and the kids are making their annual pilgrimage to ski up north with Mats and his son Viktor. They'll be gone for 8 days. Is it wrong that I'm look so forward to that week each year now? Don't care! (said Pierre)

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: So You Want to Play The Numbers?

More Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Please Do Not Touch the Personal Epistemology
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I totally agree about the great writing. I tend to write, check for grammar quickly...and then move it along. A day or so later, I wonder why I wrote something the way in which I did. And I often re-vise it, which probably leaves people wondering what I'm really doing with my weblog!

What is with this spitting business?! Lydia has been known to do it, too ...

To spout a cliché, I don't like to think about what would have happened to me if *I* had spit at *my* mom.

By everyone I assume you're talking about bloggers. There are a ginormous number of very talented writers out there. I also feel a little panicky, even though I enjoy them immensely. I think you are a great writer, really. Besides, blogging isn't just about great writing, it's also about getting a peek into peoples lives. Happy 2005 btw.

That's very true that blogging isn't just about great writing. I think you are a great writer as well :) I know what you mean about the panicky feeling. :)

I don't know!! She's lucky all I did was push her! I was so appalled. And she had no provocation and no reason. When I asked her why, she just shrugged her shoulders...she really didn't know why she had done it. *rolls eyes*

Please add my 4 year old daughter to the spitters club

aagh! Maybe we should get them all together and let them go...bowling! ahahahah!

Uh, bathroom cabinet mirror, nasty nasty nasty.


I think you're a wonderful writer. I really like your 'voice.' (And I'm not just saying that to blow smoke up your skirt.) It's such an objective thing. There are sites that zillions of others rave over that just don't do it for me. Or maybe some of my favorite sites aren't visited by any of my other favorites. If "great writing" = daily reads, then you've got it, my dear, because I look forward to reading you...every day.


I'm a dork. The 'smoke up your skirt' comment was from Marilyn.

I really WASN'T looking for affirmation (not that it isn't nice to hear it!) but you're right...there ARE zillions of sites that others rave over that don't do it for me either, but there are SO MANY that DO do it for me. I look forward to reading you, too. :)

Well, I enjoy your writing and envy you. If you're comparing yourself to those two great writing blogs you linked to, well, they were indeed well-written - and thanks for those.

But as someone posted before me, you're good every day :) (Else why would I have asked if I could friend you, mmmm?) Keep up the good work, you've found your audience.

You're very sweet, thank you for all the nice things you said! I don't know that I'm good every day, but I'm glad that I'm making the effort and I'm glad that my writing HAS found an appreciative audience :)

I think I'm a little confused here. While I think, according to the Swedes, trettondag (Jan. 6) marks the end of the Christmas season, the actual tossing out the tree, complete with dance and song isn't until the 13th of January (on Tjugonde Knut). At least I remember this from last year--though it might be that Dalarna folk uphold more of the traditional song and dance. I may have to ask someone who knows better (like my fiancée), but if wrong, please let me know.

To be honest, I think your writing is much better than mine. When I write (and that's not as often as I would like), I think it's foolish. Of course, I'm more into Math and Sciences rather than languages.

To be honest, I'm not sure. I googled both of them and found the same info for BOTH dates in several places, making it hard to be sure what the definitive answer is. My Swede didn't know. I'll ask my inlaws tonight, maybe they'll have a better idea. :)

Okay, I just asked my Swede next to me. She says that the tree should be tossed out next week (that is, the 13th). However, I suspect that tradition is dying in the modern world. Just as long as you don't toss out the tree on the 26th of December. ;)


Well, I read you every day (and you WRITE every day, amazing) and enjoy everything, the updates and the whimsy and the all-out superior writing.

No one writes better than you, because no one else IS you. For that, I'm grateful.

Do we get a picture of someone blowing smoke up your skirt? I'm just asking...

Chuck S.

Coming from you, Chuck, that comment means a lot. Thank you :) And smoke up the skirt pictures. :P

I LOVE your writing!!!1! I also love Eva Cassidy. :)

I never even heard of her until last year. Now I can't get enough!

Everyone writes better than I do.

Where did this piece of nonsense come from? Liz, you write really vivid, intelligent and feeling posts and a great way of taking a new and interesting slant on an ordinary subject. I wish I had your talent for description and phrasing. Is this Ms Hormone talking again? Or Ms I'm a 40 year old Failure? talking through her arse as usual? I think Lambi and I better head down to Skåne and give them a piece of our mind.

If you wrote badly, do you think people would read and comment? Or are we all being nice? Or being paid to read you? Yes there is some amazing talent out there and when you read some of it, you can feel that you don't measure up, but that's just your opinion and plenty of people may disagree.

You took down the decorations too early, by the way. It's the 13th of January when the tree plundering takes place.

I think 8 days of Liz time is perfect. It should happen more often, really because we mothers do get caught up in the caring for others needs first and putting our own on the backburner for a "later on" that never seems to come. As the kids grow, the drain on your available time for things you want to do is eroded by things like supporting them in sports and other activites. This can increase until you do seriously wonder whether there is a real person underneath the mommy image - if you let it, that is.

Hee! I knew that would get your goat. (I think a goat would be a perfect addition to your menagerie by the way, since moose are too large for your apartment). I wasn't being hormonal or pathetic honestly. There really IS so much great writing out's very humbling. I know I write well, but I honestly don't think that I write GREATLY, although I sincerely appreciate your (and everyone else's) compliments. I truly wasn't fishing. I think you and Lambi ought to head down here anyway: slumber party!

The decorations aren't all down, just the ones around the house (and they're all piled on the dining room table until I can nag Anders into getting his butt up in the attic to fetch boxes). The tree is still up and sparkling :)

Goat seems quite appropriate as I am a Capricorn! OMG read that crap - Capricorn is one of the most stable and serious of the zodiacal types.

Oh yes, that's SO me (NOT).

I understand that you weren't fishing for compliments, but honestly, you do write well and sometimes even brilliantly.

Enchanted by your lovely posts in Storybookland, I linked here and have been lurking for almost an hour (what a way to whittle away my vacation time...). I've been admiring your children and honest, clear writing style. No complaints here. :)

However, I do understand what you mean. Sometimes one lacks the clarity and insight to write something remarkable. But does what you write always have to be significant or beautiful. Writing serves many purposes.

I see that you already have a crazy long friends list...but I was thinking of friending you and was hoping this might be reciprocated (though I warn you, of late, my writing has not been superior...I'm in search of inspiration.)

Writing DOES serve many purposes, and it's true that my journal isn't meant to be a repository for only wonderful stories, since it's also a JOURNAL. Thank you for reminding me of that. As for friending me, be my guest :) I'm always looking for new and interesting people to friend, superior writing isn't a requirement! LOL :P

Your journal is one of the very best and one of my favorites to read. You have the most interesting narratives and a very easy to read blends of work,
Sweden and kid/ family stories. Not a suck up- just my opinion.

thank you :)

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