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Things I Dropped Yesterday:
  • a jar of caviar on the tile floor (no breakage!)
  • a kohlrabi
  • 1/2 of a glass bathroom cabinet door (MAJOR breakage)
  • the ball...for not calling a visiting acquaintance from the States the day before she left to go home
  • a huge pile of Christmas cards and paperclips
  • my daughter (after the bath)...okay, I admit it—I pushed her, but only because she SPIT AT ME.
Everyone writes better than I do. This is not a plea for affirmation, it's an observation. There are so many people out there that write better than I do. I'm awed and humbled and motivated and speechless at the amazing writing out there that I find on a daily basis. And there's so much that I don't have time to find, much less time to read. The mind boggles, truly it does. At least mine does. Not that it's hard to make my mind boggle. Shut up, you.

I'm sitting here sort of reveling in the vegetative state of this evening. We are childfree for a day and a half, thanks to the generousity of my inlaws who called yesterday and announced they'd be picking up the children after lunch today and returning them some time tomorrow evening. Just because. It's still a vacation week for schools here, as the holidays aren't officially over until Trettondag Jul, better known in English-speaking circles as Epiphany, Twelfth Day or Three Kings Day. People get this mixed up with Tjugonde Knut which is also in January but has nothing to do with Christmas and isn't a Swedish holiday. Trettondag is when Swedes take down their Christmas decorations and toss out their trees.

I'm looking rather forward to a lot of alone time this month, as Anders and the kids are making their annual pilgrimage to ski up north with Mats and his son Viktor. They'll be gone for 8 days. Is it wrong that I'm look so forward to that week each year now? Don't care! (said Pierre)

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: So You Want to Play The Numbers?

More Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Please Do Not Touch the Personal Epistemology
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