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I like laying things out and seeing how they fit together. That's why I'm good at my job. There's a special, well, not excitement exactly, but SOMETHING in fitting all the required elements together to make a piece work and be visually interesting at the same time. It's one of the most satisfying feelings I know, that moment when I can sit back and review a layout I've done, nudge something here, re-size slightly there, and think, "There. Now it looks good. Now it's done."

So far today, I've been able to find that feeling after 1 banner ad, 2 HTML pages, 3 presentations, and 4 schematic illustrations. I love what I do.

I have lots of things to do at home, but my motivation still seems to be gallivanting about elsewhere. I have all the decorations to put away, but first Anders has to go up in the attic and get the all the boxes down. Why can't I go up in the attic and fetch the boxes myself, you ask? Well, I say, raising my brows...since I was the one who bought ALL the birthday and Christmas presents (except for my own) for my family and his family and OUR family and wrapped them and labeled them, and wrote the Xmas newsletter AND the cards and addressed and mailed them and decorated the house AND the tree and baked cookies and ate them all and am putting all said decorations away again, I figure it's the least he can do.

On top of that major project, I plan on going through the kid's toys and sorting out ones they don't play with any more or have outgrown, as well as going through books, which is a hard job since if I'm not sure about whether to give a book away or not because it was a long time ago that I read, well, I have to read it again, you see. But first I have to finish the book I'm reading NOW. Do you know, I managed to up my December total to 5 books read after all? I whipped in 3 at the very end of the month, just squeaked under the wire.

AND, I want to go through the house with a little notebook and write down all the small projects that never get done, that aren't priorities, that keep getting passed over, forgotten about and ignored. We did this with our last house and it was a really good way of keeping a handle on all those little jobs that are so easy to put off.

Tomorrow: SUSHI. Yum, can't wait. :) I need to schedule a massage too, and possibly a physical therapist because my cryk is making a comeback after only 2 days of work. sigh

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Give books away for sure!!!! (to a good home).

Oh dear, is that the time? Must dash.

*snort* I'm pretty sure that I won't be giving anything away that you would want. I KEEP those kinds of books :D

Well, it was worth a shot. I'm hopeless when it comes to books. We have them literally EVERYWHERE and keep buying up more and more at every second hand place we find.

I too know and love that wonderful sensation of fitting all the pieces together in the most perfect and satisfying way. And excitement is a completely legitimate word to describe it.

I used to love what I do but increasingly, I am too bored by it to care. I was forced to accept this new tool which those who direct the money but never do any of the work told me would make my job easier and faster. Nothing could be more false. And all the office politics and in-fighting, it has really worn me down. It's definitely time for a change but the circumstances in our house are making that difficult just now. It's good to hear that it's possible to regain that light about a job.

It's definitely possible. I've had the worst job in the world and the best job (twice) and I know that the things that surround what you do can make a HUGE difference...the politics, the colleagues, the company atmosphere. I hope you can regain that light!!

You are so cute :)

For someone who doesn't feel very motivated you sure are doing a lot of stuff, as usual. Just wanted to say I love your writing and your zest for life. I don't comment as nearly as much as I read. Happy De-Lurking Day!

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