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You know, this time difference thingy stinks. Here I am nearly at the end of a long, hard work day polished up at the end with a delightful sushi dinner with the ever companionable galestorm and over on the other side of the pond the party is just beginning. And when I get up in the morning all you pretty people will have written things for me to read, but I'll have missed the boat on comments, see. I'll be LATE TO THE PARTY. But that's okay for tomorrow, here in Sweden at least, is a holiday and I? Am SO sleeping in.

I can do my living-vicariously-through-the-lives-of-bloggers when I wake up, after having slept all night, with no children coming in at 3 a.m. and whining or crawling into the bed and pushing my covers off. Except that my husband has to leave at 4 a.m. to play in a 24-hour hockey-bockey tournament match...assuming they win the one he's playing in now.

Happy De-Lurking Day!
(Sheryl over at Paper Napkin says COMMENT, DAMMIT!!)

Flappy Happy Penguin Birthday Wishes to the Fabulous Kate!
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I agree - the time difference is a killer. My problem is that Australia is AHEAD (naturally, was there any doubt about that!) and I can't always be online at the same time as those wonderful, witty, intelligent people. Aren't Australians great (really modest, too).

Don't answer this. Remember Day 3.

Day 3 is nearly done. It's HUMP day, as in OVER THE HUMP. Get your mind out of the gutter, Marie. :D

I don't believe I've ever been described as companionable before.

Well, there's a first for everything :) And I wouldn't say it if it wasn't so.

You're not late, you're early. I'm the one who's late because it takes me an hour in the morning to go through and catch up with what all of you on that side of the pond have been up to.

Hee! guess I'm not the only one that gets crunched by that darn time difference! :D

Ooooooh, I like dat icon pic! ;)

You can get the base from thinkum. She makes wonderful icons!


Actually, I think of you up there at the top of the world a lot, usually in the morning, knowing your day is done and mine has just begun. Judging from your posting times and when it pops up on Bloglines for me to read, I assume you are approximately 7 hours and 43 minutes ahead of me. Which makes absolutely no sense, but then I've never been to Sweden.

Chuck S.

It's nearly midnight here right now, and it's nearly 3 p.m. in Seattle. :) Lately, I'm posting in the evenings because I'm too busy at work nowadays to do it earlier.


I am not to keen on the time difference either. When I wake up in my morning people have chit-chatted all over the place in comments. Sometimes I miss out! :)


I'm in Germany and I HEAR YOU about the time difference. My kids still have school holidays so that's why I'm sitting here at 9 a.m. in my jammies catching up on all the blogging news. Love your blog - makes me smile whenever I come here.

Christina in Germany

thanks! :) that was kind of you. :) Do you have a website or journal, too?


No, I don't have a blog/journal, but I'm thinking about it. :-)


Come to the dark side! >:D


I read your every post and comment often-- but I admit it, I do lurk sometimes . . but only in a good way. AH! Lizardek SLEEPS-- someone, anyone, get a camera!!!! Heeee

Mmmm...sleeping! I highly recommend it. :) Except for the part where I drag myself to bed at 12:30 and am woken up by Karin at 1:32 a.m. wide awake and BORED IN HER ROOM.

I hear you on that time difference thing, from over here on the other side of the pond.
It's delightful on the infrequent occasions when I'm actually online posting and commenting simultaneously with my cohorts.
I can be frequently seen propped up in bed, blanket around shoulders, birdies tweeting in the pre-dawn and flitting onto the feeder outside the window, while I, laptop on lap, am counting time differences on my fingers :-D

That graphic is a hoot -- and a great idea. ;-)

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