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Seen the movie?

I really envy you that gorgeous dark curly hair. I ate all of my crusts religiously as a child. And I was rewarded with dead straight blonde wisps.

Not fair!

I always, always wanted a widow's peak. Unfairly enough, Olof has one, and it's totally wasted on him!

I haven't even heard of the movie! Is it any good? Eating crusts is supposed to give you curly hair? Sounds like your mother's way of getting you to eat crusts to me!

Wonderful actresses, and the intrigues in a small English village are well done, but I thought the plot was a bit so-so. Still I love Joan Plowright, so I was happy to watch it just for her.

Re crusts, my mum wasn't the only one spreading that little piece of fiction. I loved crusts anyway. I even ate my brother's to help the curly hair along. What a waste! But then I ate tons of carrots and look, I'm wearing glasses. Boy I must have been gullible as a kid.

I got me one of them, but no curls, alas.

Oooh, and I forgot to mention, you have cheekbones too. I want cheekbones!

Take a peek at that peak, Eddie Munster! :)

I had one when I was younger but it doesn't show much now. What I want to know is how come neither of your children inherited those fabulous curls?

I didn't have the curls until after I HAD the children, really! And Martin is pretty curly if we let his hair get long enough...but Anders is stick-straight and so is poor Karin, not that she cares :D

Ooh, so there's hope for me yet? ;-)

Don't hold your breath though ... I had paint-brush straight hair before I had Daisy and it's still paint-brush straight. Of course Daisy has hair exactly like mine. Personally I really like my straight hair.

It depends. My hair was really wavy beforehand...and some of the curliness is my having given in to the Swedish weather and humidity. :)

Who took the picture? Is it a self portrait? I was more drawn to those cheek bones, and how rosy, is that what Swedish winters do to one's complexion?

self-portrait :) and the rosy-ness is artificial :D

You didn't have to tell me that. What's the matter? Don't you have any romance in ya? :)

(bonus prize if you know what movie that last line is from.)

well, you ASKED! And I cannot tell a lie. Okay, I can, but only about cherry trees. And I have no clue what the movie is. :)

Beautiful photo. Who took it?
I've got one of those peaks too, but don't often show it anymore with the way I wear my hair

self-portrait, believe it or not! sometimes that camera works! :D

I would gladly trade my widow's peak for the ability to roll my tongue. Everyone but me can roll their tongues!

Don't get her started! Now she'll post that disgusting tongue avatar that I can't look at!

Which reminds me, a discussion came up at Christmas about stupid human tricks and I came to find out that my mother, brother, and my dear husband, can all FLIP THEIR TONGUES OVER in their mouths. Truly gross!


That's one of my favourite avatars :)

Great shot of you!

I can't either! Everyone but me, too!

I can't roll my tongue either, or flip it over, but I can hop on one foot :-)

Yes, but can you rub your tummy while doing so?!?

I woul kill for curly hair- you are so lucky!

It didn't used to be this curly, and a lot of it is having given in to the Swedish weather and humidity. I can't do anything with it, so I just have to let it curl.

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