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On the packaging of the frozen salmon and shrimp quiche I had for lunch today I received the following advice: "The best way to get rid of temptation is to fall for it." I may have to adopt that philosophy for awhile, even though experience has taught me that falling for a temptation doesn't necessarily mean you won't be tempted by the same thing again 2 minutes later...at least that's not how it works with M&Ms.

Temptation is such a strange thing. Temptation plus willpower equals decision. Why does it seem that we are always tempted by things that are BAD for us? Actions that hurt us or cause harm to our relationships, food that we know isn't healthy, things that make us sorry afterwards. We're enticed, and persuaded AGAINST OUR BETTER JUDGEMENT. How come when the choice is for something good or better, it's not called temptation?

If you're a recovering alcoholic, you're constantly being tempted to take a drink. But we don't say that you are also constantly being tempted to take the higher path of sobriety. Temptation, in our minds, always leads to downfall.

Sometimes I'm tempted, when driving on the outer beltway around Malmö, to just keep going all the way to infinity Copenhagen and beyond.
Sometimes I'm tempted to wallop my child when she's pitched a hissy fit and fallen into it.
Sometimes I'm tempted to eat the entire batch of chocolate chip cookies.
Sometimes I'm tempted to stay in bed ALL DAY.

I suppose you can be tempted by trival things too: an urge to bleach your hair blonde, for example. It seems the main definition of temptation is that it's for something you know deep down you shouldn't do for whatever reason. Maybe it's just the first step on the path to downfall, but if you're TEMPTED to it, then there is a little voice in your mind telling you, "Bad idea." If you just DECIDE to bleach your hair blonde and you aren't TEMPTED to it, then presumably you won't follow it up with leaving your husband for a younger man, getting a job in a strip joint and winding up on the streets. Now I am feeling the urge (ha!) to make a disclaimer to the effect that I know if you bleach your hair blonde you won't logically follow it with the steps outlined above. It was just an extreme example! So, don't be writing me a bunch of comments telling me how you bleached your hair blonde once and you aren't stripping for a living, already. Whatever.

Ha hahaha! I have no idea where I'm going with this post. I'm tempted to just leave it at that and see what happens.

Sunshiney, Warm and Golden Birthday Wishes to helloheather!
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