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For us, the holidays are officially over. The tree is coming down, joining the rest of the Christmas decorations up in the freezing cold attic to wait through another year. Tomorrow we are back to our regularly scheduled lives, work and school and daycare sequeing into extracurricular activities and our usually full social calendar without any real jarring or sense of dislocation. I, for one, will be glad to get the kids back on schedule, to have them go to bed on time and sleep through the night. I'm looking forward to a long stretch of flexing my creative muscles at work, and gradually paring down my extra commitments. I'm looking forward to choir starting up again...and I'm looking forward to the arrival of Flat Stanley, whom my niece Rachel is airmailing to us this week. He'll be going skiing with Anders, Martin & Karin next week and then heading down to Germany to visit my brother and Simone before going back to report on his travels to Rachel's class.

There are so many things to look forward to.

Since I'm in the middle of taking down the Christmas tree while stopping periodically to watch another episode from the first season of The West Wing or catch up with my online friends, I'll stop now and get back to work. See you later, alligator!

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Lucky Christmas-removing you

I really envy you the part about taking down the rest of the Christmas stuff. My sweet Swede loves Christmas so much that when I moved here in March he still had several of his Christmas decorations up, including a clock that chimes Christmas song every freaking hour on the freaking hour. I'm losing my mind one hour at a time.

Re: Lucky Christmas-removing you

Are there batteries in it? take them out. Is it a plug? unplug it :) Don't tell him I told you to.

It's somewhat of a relief to get everyone back on schedule and feel some sense of normality descend on life. Christmas is wonderful but certainly hectic. I always feel sad taking down decorations. I'm trying to hang on to them as long as possible, though (well at least until the 13th).

I took down our Christmas decorations last week, they just began to annoy me and things seem cluttered. It is indeed nice to get back in to a routine again.


Thanks for the inspiration, Liz. Time to take the tree down. You know us; if we don't do it today, it may be March.

And I'm looking forward, too. Although I'm a little ahead of you; just finished the third season of The West Wing on DVD. Get with the program, girl.

Chuck S.

Heh! I was late to that particular party, so I'm just now getting caught up. Bought the 1st season on DVD this past summer and am JUST NOW GETTING AROUND TO WATCHING IT. You see? I haven't just been kidding about being busy!!

What he said.
Get with the program. Even I (former luddite and non tv program observer of many years) have now finished the first season and am off to the bibliotec today to pick up the first part of the second season.. I watched it initially because of a comment from you.

teehee, it's fun to razz you.

Pbb! You don't have any little kids at home leaning over the couch asking over and over when you're going to be done so they can watch A Bug's Life and Pokemon!

oh gawd, you've taken me to task. how quickly one forgets. actually it's amazing what you get accomplished while doing a full time job and having two young ones at home. kudos to you. and I was just joking :-)
couldn't pass up the opportunity

I know :) I was teasing you back :)

Oh my god, I LOVED the book Flat Stanley!! That was one of my favourites!!

so, if i sent Flat Jenni and Flat Paul (one of the projects on my to-do list) out your way, would you put them up for a few days and show em a good time?

LOL! You bet'cha! :)

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