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I refuse to pronounce it EVRO.
mood: annoyed
music: XTC—Mayor of Simpleton


I'm with you, sister! :)

Yeah, me too. Ijust don't get it ... it's not "EV-ropa," after all. :/

Is it just me or does Evropa sound like a sports drink? :)

And in German it's pronounced "Oy-row-pa" hehe to go with the "Oy-row" :)

I sort a like saying "Evro"...I guess I am in the minority :)

In German is pronounced "Oy-row" lol :)

Maybe I could say "Oj-row"! haha!


Ja ich habe eine €uro! Not really, but I'm gonna get a €uro just for the helluvit, they look so cool!

Hmmm, I've never heard anyone pronounce it that way! Even my teachers at school pronounced it 'yer-row' (roughly). Wierd.

I've heard it over and over, all the news anchors and most of the politicians, on the radio, everywhere, it drives me NUTS! :)

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