August 14th, 2003



It seems to me that Sweden must be one of the safest places to live on the face of the planet. Think about it...there are nearly NO natural disasters of any kind here*. Oh, occasionally, there are floods and maybe the stray forest fire or two, but for the most part, it's pretty dull in the force-of-nature department. Someone has protested that there are earthquakes once in awhile, but I suspect it's faulty information.

What I wouldn't give for a cracking good Chicago-style thunderstorm some days.

When we lived in Nebraska, I can remember climbing up on the roof with my little sister and my father, to watch tornadoes whiz by on the horizon. I remember tornado drills in our Midwest schools, and learning that the bathtub with a mattress over your head was the place to go when the sky turned green and everything went still.

We had a "tornado" a few years ago here that ripped the roof off our porch and downed trees for miles around. Back home in the Midwest, we would have referred to it as a gale. :)

The day my daughter was born, there was a big black crackly thunderbolts & lightning storm in Lund. A sign from God or pure coincidence?

*If you don't count the appearance of most of the TV anchors. Get a comb!
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