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aaagh!! Both my projects are calling me, and I'm not getting further on either one of them. I'm supposed to be working on the newsletter/website for the AWC update happening on Monday, and haven't even finished it. I still have to upload all the pages for the webwoman to double-check and I'm nowhere near finished. Keep sneaking away to rendevous with book. Must—fulfill—obligations—first.

I'm reading several other LJ's and saw that so many of you are taking Swedish classes, and didn't realize you were all so "new" to Sweden. I feel like that is very far behind me at the moment, although today I had a humiliating moment realizing how much I still have to learn (and always will) while Martin was playing his new Krakel Spektakel computer game, which plays with words, spelling and grammar in Swedish. I SUCKED! hahaha! :) I kept having to ask my 5-year-old, "what does that mean?" whereupon he'd translate it into English for me. How humbling.

Anders leaves for a business trip to Gothenburg tomorrow for 2 days, so I'm single-parenting. This means I have to get up extra early and fix breakfast for Martin as they eat breakfast at 7:15 at the school. and there's no way we could make it in time. SEVEN FIFTEEN!! Geez louise, what are they THINKING?! That's just wrong. I can barely move my butt out of bed by 7 most days, and the thought of eating at that point is just plain nauseating.
mood: aggravated
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