August 23rd, 2003



We've got a super busy day so why am I sitting reading LJ?! hahahaha (evil laugh) Have to go buy birthday presents for 4 (aagh) little kids, go grocery shopping, make a dish for a party and go to said party. oy!

Just saw this cool idea from opheliasphoenix and had to share it. I'm thinking of doing something similar at some point for Found Art:

I walked up to the 24 hour photo and asked if they had any extra film containers lying around (you know the little plastic cylinders with caps your film comes in) and they did! They gave me an entire bag of them for free ;) Now to paint them and slip lovely quotes inside for people to find...I would love to throw a painting party for these things! I wonder how well they float?

Doesn't that sound like fun?!
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