August 26th, 2003



One of my very good friends, Val, who incidently is the only friend from the States to have visited me since I moved to Sweden, got in touch with me today. We had a nice long talk. She's been reading my LJ and has been so excited because she's been getting back into rubberstamping and scrapbooking, too. She's the person that introduced me to rubberstamping in the first place, nearly 7 years ago. Things are going great for her right now, she's lost a ton of weight and has a spandy new boyfriend. :) I miss her!!! So it was exciting to hear her say, "Send me a code so I can get on LiveJournal too!" Didn't take me too long to make a convert, now did it?!
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Not bad, I think, but I obviously have some library visits to make.
And could someone explain why there are so many Terry Pratchett books on this list?!

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