August 29th, 2003



Karin was up most of the night, crying out in her sleep and ended up in our bed early this a.m. Turns out this morning she's running a temp so I'm home with her. But we'll be out and about anyway, as she's not deathly ill, so she's going to accompany me to lunch and grocery shopping, and perhaps into the office for an hour. Am I a bad mom? LOL

Martin also has a growly cough coming on and is sounding very hoarse, but since he had school pictures today, we sent him off. Definitely a bad mom. :) I figure I can go pick him up pretty early as I'm home anyway.

Forgot to add to the guilty spending list: ordered several things from Jultidningar, but figure they don't count as they were either Christmas presents or Christmas accessories (CD! Cards! Stickers!)

Page 7 was dry this morning when I woke up and since I'm home anyway, I had time to scan it and upload it for your viewing pleasure... :) Thanks to gale_storm for the ephemera which inspired it! The quote is by William Faulkner and says:

The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again, since it is life.

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Something is seriously wrong with our VCR and we're thinking of having it put down. I've noticed it mostly with the American kid's videos, but apparently it happens with European ones as well, as we just tried to watch a rental tape (Two Weeks Notice*) and the screen flickered annoyingly through the majority of it. It only stopped when Anders sat on the floor in front of it and stuck his hand inside (petting it soothingly, I assume).

Maybe we should chuck it and buy a DVD, you say? Ummm...well, that would be a good idea except for the GAZILLION movies we have on videotape, some of which are watched weekly by the younger set in the house.

So, if the next time you see me, my eyes are uncontrollably jumping up and down, you'll know why.

It's been raining half the day which is putting a damper on Anders' plan to have the driveway done this weekend, since he couldn't level the sand. It's the nasty kind of downpour that gets everything thoroughly wet from every side and seems like it will never stop.

On the bright side however, barring continued sickness in our children, we are supposed to go see Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow AND the kids are sleeping over at Farmor & Farfar's. That's a tentative plan however, since Martin went to bed with Karin's fever, plus a sore throat and cough. Hers lasted only 1 day though, so keep your fingers crossed about his.

*The movie was okay but entirely too predictable. Hugh and Sandra play their usual parts on autopilot.
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