September 5th, 2003



My brother arrived last night! :) :) I haven't seen any of my family since June of 2002, so I'm pretty happy about it. I drove down to pick him up at the ferry terminal in Trelleborg. What a confusing, aggravating place!! The signage is worthless or non-existant. Anyway, he got there and we got home at around 8:30 p.m. Anders is taking him to a track day on the Ducati today and we're going to an AWC picnic tonight. Tomorrow we're going to a county fair, of all things, although compared with REAL (read: American) county fairs, it's a faint pathetic copy. But it's at Bosjökloster which is worth a trip anytime.

I'm still not 100% recovered from this stupid cold, but well enough to contemplate going out and sitting on the grass tonight in what had better be late summer sunshine.

more later
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My brother has been really confusing the kids by speaking German to them, but the end result has actually been that Karin is speaking more English! Hurrah! And this is after only one day. :)

Despite this stupid cold which refuses to let go and leaves me feeling as if I have a giant cotton ball inside the front of my face, stifling all air intake, I had a good day. Left work early (hmmm...) and came home to sunshine all over the deck and yard. Packed up a picnic dinner (tuna sandwiches! deviled eggs!) and we headed into Malmö to meet up with some friends.

I saw gale_storm coming down the street and let out a very undignified shriek of welcome, causing all the Swedes around me to duck with embarrassment, heh. I was so glad she came, and no, not just because she brought me my stamps :) We had a good rapture over the gorgeous stamps and catalog from Above the Mark and I can't wait until she gets back from London so we can have a crafty evening. :)

My little order from Collage Joy came today too, and it was extra cool, because she sent me EIGHT little cameos instead of 4, plus 25 mixed playing cards with different designs. One was King Tut so Gale got that one. :)

AND I got my birthday package from my mom as well: 2 tops and a pair of leggings, and a Steve McDonald CD. Yay Mom!

The picnic in the park was really nice even though it cooled down dramatically as soon as the sun moved off. After we finished eating and were just sitting around talking and watching our husbands chase the kids, the peace of the park was interrupted by a large gang of rowdy teenagers (yout's), obviously drunk, who proceeded to strip off the majority of their clothing and clamber into the freezing cold fountain to splash each other endlessly. One of the women with us was visiting Barbara from the States and her awed response to the nudity was, "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."
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