September 6th, 2003



It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood...oops, there I go, mixing Sesame Street with Mr. Rogers again. Just got back from a lovely walk around Bosjökloster with the rest of the inhabitants of Skåne! The lake was glittery with sunshine and whitecaps and people were in the mood to walk really slow and suddenly stop in front of one for no obvious reason. Lots of handicrafts (mostly consisting of little santas made of rock or straw or wool or anything Swedes can get their crafty hands on) and food and music.

I just realized that I missed The Fort last night and I really wanted to see it!! :( argh That was one of the shows I really enjoyed watching when I first moved to Sweden because I didn't have to understand any Swedish to follow it. I was bummed when it went off the air, but now it's back in a new incarnation.

I have piles of collage stuff awaiting me on my project table, but with my brother here, I can't be anti-social long enough to actually do anything with any of it. We've invited ourselves over to a friend's house for barbeque tomorrow and I know Anders will grumble because he's trying to get all the paving done around the house. He wouldn't go with us to the Fair today and he didn't even play hockey (!!) because he wanted to work on the paving.

All this rambling, and the whole point of the post was to actually say that I've scanned page 8 of my collage book and put it up on the web. It's a quote from Annie Dillard, whom I love. I seem to have glue issues to work out with this whole collage thing. Maybe I'll just stick to glue sticks. hahaha

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