September 29th, 2003



AWC evening, and it ain't over yet. Been calling people to find out if they're renewing so that I can finish the directory. Finishing up the final touches on the website. Final changes on the presentation for tomorrow's meeting and getting it loaded onto Anders' laptop. Printed piles of papers today to take with me, including meeting programs, calendars, ballots, treasurer's reports and newsletters. Still have to make sure I have everything in my "meeting bag."

We got Martin's school pictures today and they came out GREAT! I'm very happy with them, just wish they'd include more of the bigger sizes in the package.

Karin went to her best friend Jonatan's after Anders picked the kids up and came home at 6:15 p.m. with him in tow. They were whooping and hollering around the house like a couple of wild Indians with Martin while I was making dinner, and I remarked to Anders that this is what it would have been like if Karin had been twins. Got the hairy eyeball in response.

Nasty crappy drippy rain all day, ick. Sunshine, DON'T LEAVE ME!!
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