October 5th, 2003



Gone 3 days in Gothenburg with no computer time and I'm so behind on reading LJ and writing, I feel I'll never catch up... ! More soon
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That's what the weekend did. It's Sunday evening already, and it went WAY too fast. The AWC regional was a blast, so many wonderful women to meet and talk to and get motivated by (and motivate). The Gothenburg club did an absolutely super job of organizing the whole thing and hosting us. I saw a lot of old friends that I've met at previous regionals, and got to meet both reebert and darcymcgowan, yay!

On the way home, Sharon and I talked about trying to start a writer's group within the AWC. I warned her that I've tried several times over the past 5 years with no success, but maybe we can make it work this time.... Wait a minute, was that just me talking about adding yet another commitment to my life?! Somebody stop me!

The weather (aside from the unbelievable downpour on Friday evening) was fall at it's best, and Gothenburg just shone. It's such a pretty city, all cliffy and glittery water and beautiful old buildings. I wish we'd had more time to see things, but felt obligated to get back fairly early today. We did get a tour on Saturday of the East Indiaman Götheborg, a 17th century sailing merchant that is being recreated by hand, from scratch, in the harbor. Fascinating museum and even though I could only be on the boat itself for a few minutes before motion sickness conquered me (what a wimp!! it was tied up at the DOCK!), it was pretty cool to see. The nails they are using in the ship building are over a foot and a half long.

On the way home today, we stopped at the Salmon Boutique outside of Falkenburg, and had a very salmony lunch, mums! I LOVE salmon. The café had salmon in every shape, state and form to purchase ready to go. I bought 6 salmon rolls, 2 salmon pirogies and 3 fillets of hunt-spiced salmon (not sure what the hunt-spices are, but that's the best I can do at translating jägarlax. So this is officially Salmon Dinner Week in Flyinge! :)

Anders leaves in the morning for 4 days in Italy on business. I need to find a babysitter for choir on Wednesday because I refuse to miss it again.

I was talking to my friend Debbie on the phone today. She's been in Canada with her youngest and just got back. She's amazing and is a super mom as well as many other things, including creative, a reader, a student and crafty. I don't know where she gets all her great ideas and her energy. She has organized her Swedish neighborhood into doing real American trick-or-treating every year, and it's about 30 families that participate now. She also serves a Halloween dinner for her family and a few select friends beforehand and serves all kinds of grotesque and spooky dishes that the kids really dig. And WE get to go this year!! She started talking about hayrides and haunted houses and trick-or-treating and I got SO homesick for Halloween in the States. Hayrides!! siiiiiiiiigh
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