October 10th, 2003



I'm ready to brain my daughter.

She's been a problem sleeper since the day she was born and we've jumped through all kinds of parenting hoops trying to work with and around it. She regularly wakes up in the middle of the night and comes into our bed. However, since she's getting pretty big, it's much more of a problem than it used to be, and I'm about at my wit's end. :(

We have an antique American double bed, which is barely big enough for the 2 of us, and exremely crowded if you add another body, especially one that squirms. All week long, she's been slipping into our bed after I've put her to bed in her own. I've carried her back when I go to bed, but unsurprisingly, I get woken up in the middle of the night at some point when she gets in again or flings an arm out, or pushs me in the back or something. It doesn't matter quite so much when Anders is gone as he was all week, but last night he got home at 12:30 and we were awakened at around 4 and then again 5:30 by Karin.

When we ask her why she comes in our room, she says it's boring in her room when she wakes up at night, or that she doesn't want to be alone, both of which are perfectly understandable, BUT... !!! We really have done everything we can think of: giving her all the stuffed animals she could want, letting her read books in bed when she's awake, giving her an easy-to-reach-and-turn-on bedside lamp, sitting with her, letting her come and go as she pleases in our bed. We've tried plenty of other things, too, that didn't work (music, for one). Getting up and going in her room with her until she settles down again is no longer an option as she just thinks it's time to play now that she has an audience and it can take several hours before she actually falls asleep, by which time I'm reaching murderous rage proportions.

Not getting enough sleep, or being constantly awakened during the night is a form of torture, and it's really getting to me. I'm stressed enough during the day, and I REALLY don't need this on top of it. :( I've tried talking to her, explaining how things are and how they need to be, but she's four years old and it's not getting through yet. The thing is, if this were once in awhile, I could deal with it much better, but it's CONSTANT and has been going on for FOUR YEARS now.

Anders tells me duct tape is not an option.
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Me: I will sleep in my own bed all night.
Karin: Jag ska sova i min egen säng hela natten.

Thanks for all the sympathy and advice. Some of it is being put into prompt action. Our dinner date was cancelled tonight due to a sick kid (theirs, not ours) so we had a relaxed evening, doing nothing much. I finished my new Smithsonian, which had a fascinating article about famous inventions that came about as a result of an accident (matches! Post-It Notes! vulcanized rubber! penicillin! popsicles! microwave ovens! Teflon!).

I actually worked on my collage book for a short amount of time and decided that the page I wasn't so happy with before isn't so bad. I'm waiting for glue to dry on the other side and then I will post pictures, which will keep me feeling a little crafty while all my crafty-comrades-in-arms are having fun without me in Gothenburg this weekend. *blatantly fishes for sympathy*

Tomorrow, the backhoe is arriving at 11 (says Backhoe-man. We'll see), and I have 3 things on my to-do list: buy b-day presents for 3 little girls, make a run to a place where I can pick berries and red leaves if it's not raining, and drive to Ängelholm to pick up 2 Billy bookcases I found on Blocket for 300 kronor. Anders thinks the cost of the gas to drive the 1.5 hours there and back cancels out any cost-savings, but what does HE know about bargain-hunting?!

Work has gone well all week, I've had interesting and fun things to do, nearly constantly. Our 7th issue of the company newsletter is ready to go to print on Monday, and I'm quite proud of this one, I think the layout looks quite good, if I do say so myself. :) Today, we had a goodbye email from one of the salesmen in Japan whose last day was today. He had written a personal line or two to every single person that he's worked with from Sweden over the last 2 years, in broken English, and it was absolutely hilarious. I nearly hyperventilated myself into hysterics, laughing. I laughed so hard I cried, and couldn't stop laughing for nearly 15 minutes. He compared our President (a woman) to Michael Jackson, in a good way, told one guy "you look like soldier," another that "YAOH (You Are Only Hope)" and said the following, which set me off again, and has me giggling still:

Torbjörn, thank you very much for your kindness. When I was in Lund, you sight seed me around Lund city university. Lund was not so exciting but you warm heart was very nice to me.
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