October 11th, 2003



Backhoe-man came an hour early, stopping me from pitching a fit, but he also gave us the bill for the 3 times he's been here in the past couple of weeks, which was a bit of a staggerer. :( Anders and his dad got the entire yard raked out and sowed grass seed and the second they were done, it started POURING rain. It just poured. For about 20 minutes, giant puddles formed in the yard and the ditch in the front was completely full of water (and floating grass seeds). So they have to re-sow quite a bit tomorrow. It's not supposed to rain so here's hoping the grass will set before it does rain, which it's sure to do soon.

I had an uneventful drive up to Ängelholm to pick up the bookcases and we put them together this evening. (I kept thinking, I'm already halfway to Gothenburg, why not just keep going? but I restrained myself) I'll move books and things around tomorrow afternoon. Ander's mom, Märta, was here as well and she can't sit still and do nothing or just play with the kids; she has to clean house. Which makes me simultaneously guilty and happy. The house is currently in an indescribable pigsty state due to my complete lack of time last week to do ANY housework whatsoever beyond general picking-up, so my guilt and joy feelings were compounded accordingly. So, we cleaned.

Anders and the kids have the Scouts group tomorrow and then the kids are going to a masquerade birthday party, so they won't be home until 2 in the afternoon. I had planned on having a nice sleep-in and then puttering around, taking it easy, working on my collage book, etc., but Anders' parents are coming at 10, which squashes that. More cleaning. I'm grateful, truly, I am.

My super friends and personal computer guru's in Australia have come through for me again. I had a small computer scare the other day and panicked about losing some extremely important files, and Russell berated me for not having a proper backup plan, and then proceeded to find the best program for us, and send it to me. I've now got Norton Ghost loaded on a floppy (floppy?! yes, floppy) and am awaiting instructions on how to backup 1 harddrive to the other. :)

Also, to just sum up my rather ordinary day, I made a very yummy dinner involving chicken, mushrooms, artichoke bottoms (ooh, spanky!) and rice. Dee-lish.
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